The Gift of Love Can Come
From a Puppy...

                  ACA Reg. Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Down payments can be made before the puppy is ready to go by pictures only. Sorry if this is an inconvience but we are no longer exposing our young puppies to outside environment/s before they are 8 weeks old. Our puppies need to get their first main shots into their system before being exposed to an outside environment along with the added stress. Please understand that we are looking out for the health of our puppies and what is best for them. You can also choose to wait until the puppy is ready to go. We allow our puppies to leave us when they are at least 8 weeks old and at least 2#.


    FEMALES Born 7/16 Ready Now! Left one charting to be about 8-9#, Right one charting to be about 6-7# grown $1000 Each

  MALE Born 7/16 Ready Now!  Charting to be about 6-7# grown  $700