The Oldest Motorcycle Club
In The World

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 You just found the official web site of the Oldest Motorcycle Club In The World!  Aint that the shit?  How did we do that?  It goes like this..see, way back in the late 1800's there was this dude called George Eller who lived in Yonkers, New York.  George was one of those happening cats who had a, I know it sounds pretty lame so far, but back then this was really cool.  George used to ride around with a bunch of his biking buddies and decided to form a club called the Yonkers Bicycle Club.

Now, I'm not quite sure who it was that first put a motor on one of these cool little contraptions, but I guess it didn't take long for George to say "Hey! what the fuck am I bustin' my hump peddling for when I can grab me a bike with a motor on it!......Oka, he might not have said those exact words, but I bet it went somthin' like that.

Anyway, George did get one of those motor bikes and so did the rest of his biking buddies, after all who the hell wants to peddle when you can crack the throttle?!  Well, George must have had the foresight to know that Harley Davidson would be around for a while 'cause in 1903, when Harley Davidson began making their own iron horses, George Eller and the Yonkers Bicycle Club decided to change the Yonkers Bicycle Club to the Yonkers Motorcycle Club and appointing George Eller as the club's first President.

The Yonkers Motorcycle Club and Harley Davidson have both remained alive and we have continued to remain active ever since.  In the summer of 2003 both the Yonkers Motorcycle Club and Harley Davidson will be celebrating our 100 year anniversary....not at the same party, but I bet our party will be more of a blast!

We have a lot of reason to celebrate and much to be proud of.  If ya want to know more about our club's history, read on, but if ya get bored, I warned ya, it is, after all, history.  There's plenty of cool stuff to check out in the rest of our site when ya get done.

Yonkers Motorcycle Club had already been puttin' around for a year and had already sponsored an endurance run before the Federation of Internatioal Motrocyclists formed in 1904.  The F.I.M. is a world wide organization that pre-dates the American Motorcycle Association by about 23 years.

When the American Motorcyclist Association (A.M.A) was formed in 1927, Yonkers Motorcycle Club was given the charter No. 6 and on October 3, 1052, the Club was incorporated in New York State.  Back in World War II, Y.M.C was the second Motorcycle Club in the United States to serve as a Civil Defense messenger unit in the city of Yonkers and right now we are currently lookin' for Bin Ladin (O.K. I made up the Bin Laden thing....just wanted to see if you were paying attention).

We have always kept active status in the A.M.A.. We sponsor an A.M.A. Sacnctioned Road Run every year (ususally a Poker Run).  Our most popular run to date is our Joe Cool Memorial Run to honor of of our Brothers lost.  We also have a slammin' Toy Party with the toys goin to the less fortunate kiddies, a kick ass Chili Party, and a Spring Break Out Party that gets better every year.

But aside from those, we don't need much of an excuse to throw a party.  We have a lot of friends form all over the US (mostly New England) come and tip back a few cold ones with us.  Some are clubs and some are independent bikers.  We do our fair share of riding around to visit our friends too.  Just about anyone is welcome in our house, and as long as you come with a good attitude, you will be welcome back.

In our clubhouse you will see lots of cool stuff like trophies and banners dating back to the twenties, and oh yea, our 1913 Pope motorcycle on display.  Well, I hope ya found our history interesting and maybe a little entertaining.  Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events, we will be setting event dates in January and will be updating it through the year as well as our picture gallery.

Damn...a hundred years...I know a lot has changed in the last century, the faces have changed too, but the song remains the same.  The Yonkers Motorcycle Club is today what it was a hundred years ago.  We are a solid bunch of Brothers that love to ride our Harleys and have a good time.  I never knew our first president George Eller, but if he were around today I bet he would have a similar outlook on life as our dearly departed Brother Joe Cool did.  In his immortal words, "If Ya Can't Party, Go The Fuck Home!"