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Bethel, Ohio 45106

Volume 32  April 2008



Report from Director, Bato, via Internet

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

     It  would be a great honor for me to even say  hi to each one of you.  It's good to let you know more about the boys at the orphanage of HMS.  We wanted to let you know that the boys are all doing so much better than when they arrived last fall.

     First of all, I wanted to thank you for all your help and support to these poor children.  Some are true orphans, while some do have a mom, but she is too poor to take care of them.  I was the first to see them and know their situation in life.  I felt so sorry for them when they came to me.  Their lives were in a terrible way. They were suffering from hunger and sick from diseases.  Most of their relatives are dead.  The parents were in the voodoo religion and some of the little boys were starting to practice this bad attitude which they copied from their parents.  They did not know about God.  I don’t have to tell you what their answer was when I asked some of them if they could even pray in just a couple of words.  They did not know God or even know how to pray to God for help.

     But, now they look like normal kids.  Before I did not know if they were dead or alive.

     Many of them arrived at our gate with no shoes.  Many had only the clothes on their backs and their head was covered with dust.  That is why they had sickness in their heads.

   Now they come to love God. They jump and run to go to church. They are starting to be healthy. This is the fruit of your compassion and love.  Now, even the smallest boy can pray to his Savior and really has a good connection to the Father.  Last August when Mom Barb met the first five boys, she sat to eat with them and asked if they would pray and they said “no” because they just did not know how to pray. Now they pray for their food every day and they keep praying for other starving children on the street who are practicing voodoo like “rara madigra.” We let them know that God saved them and they should go and bring others to Christ.

     I am glad that God took these starving kids, to make from them, some really good tools for the world and for His ministry .

     HMS kids need a helping hand and I believe you are the one that they are looking for.  I appreciate you because you are so interested in helping and supporting kids that have had a bad and rough beginning in life.  Thank you for your kindness and making a place in your heart for them.

     God love and bless you in your work for the Kingdom of God.

    Your Christian Brother,   

                   Jean Wilso Morivil 

              (better known as Bato)



    Please sponsor a child at House of Faith.  You won’t be sorry.  God will reward you with many blessings.  We just have five boys remaining who need your love.

     The website will be updated soon so that all boys photo’s are on the site.

     Only $52 a month will help a boy have 2 meals a day, go to school, clothing, and have medical help.  Sometimes, with medical, it is over $52, but God always helps us to find the extra to help these boys. 


“With God all things are possible”

                                                      ----Mark 10:27



     We prayed and struggled over a name to give the orphanage of Haiti Mission Society.  After much thought we decided to call the home, HOUSE OF FAITH.  This is a good name because everything we do is through faith in God’s promises.  He has led us each step of the way.  Sometimes things aren’t the way we planned, but we know His plan is better.  “…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.

     Our patience is being tried right now because when we went to Haiti in February, we went with one purpose in mind, and that was to install solar panels at the orphanage.  As of this writing, all our things are being held in customs.  We don’t know when they will be released.  We are just leaving it in God’s hands.  He knows just what we need.



     While in Haiti, I saw God’s power move among us.  One particular day I was having a bad day.  Everything seemed to be going wrong and I felt discouraged. Some of the kids in school had their heads down on the table.  They appeared to be sick. All other adults were not at the home.  I walked down the hall and found Sonndji lying on his bed.  He had a fever.  My heart went out to him.  I forgot my troubles as I sat on the edge of the bed.  I began to pray for him.  Tears were flowing down my face.  I felt someone had come into the room.  I opened my eyes and there were 15 little boys just looking at me.  I told them Sonndji was sick and that we needed to pray for him.  Right away, all boys raised their voices to God in one accord, each praying in their own way.  God came on the scene and immediately touched our precious boy.  I reached over before the prayer was finished and the fever was gone.  He took a nap and when he awoke, he was back to playing again and acting like any normal 8 year old.

     Pastor Rick Phillips from McDermott, Ohio, a man of God, was in Haiti with me.  He came to work with us.  He ran all the wires for the solar hookup and built a table so that the boys would not have to eat on the floor.  All 16 of them fit at the picnic size table.  Rick is so dedicated to God’s work.  We felt bad to give  him a makeshift bed.  We put two trunks together and put a foam mattress on top of it.  He never complains of his accommodations.  He just works patiently and faithfully for the Lord.  Rick also built us a chicken run with a makeshift egg house.  Material was hard to come by, but it all worked out okay.

     We are blessed to now have Internet service at the orphanage.  We needed this communication because phone service is really bad in Haiti.  Since coming home, I get contacted just about everyday by Internet.  Things are going smoothly at the orphanage.

     Easter dinner was provided by all of you out there who gave.  They were able to buy three chickens, extra fruit to make juice, and other things to make it a special day for them.  Bato talked to the boys about what Easter meant.

     Some of the older boys who are staying in a rented house, (these are my little boys from years past) came and worked on the land.  We spread dirt to help with the water problems we are having.  Soon all will be corrected


Please see our website for updated pictures under PICTURES Feb 2008.  Please help us to sponsor a child.  Thanks.  Mom Barb