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Haiti Mission Society, Inc
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Jennie is a beautiful little girl with a story. ?xml:namespace prefix = o /-->

Jennie is 6 years old at this picture above, and has a beautiful story.

Her story is our story, retold over and over again in each child.


Want to understand what we do?  Jennie is a fine example.

   In 2004, Jennie was rescued from starvation. Pastor Lucner Monexe, an HMS Board of Directors member, found her roaming the streets of Cap Haitian. Her mother, with her five children, had been living in a little thatched hut made with mud and sticks. Desperate to feed her children, this mother traveled north to the ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /-->Dominican Republic to find work, leaving her children to survive by begging. 

   For a while, a kindly neighbor was giving Jennie a piece of bread every day. But soon, because of the burden of feeding her own, she turned Jennie back out onto the streets. This little child was only 3 years old.

   When Pastor Luc found her, she was in the final stage of starvation. Indeed, one of her brothers, also starving, was found dead just days before Jennie was rescued. Our dear brother Luc, a true Good Samaritan, brought this little stranger to his own home in Bon Repose where she has slowly become the picture of health. The photo above (dated 2005) was taken about 8 months after her rescue.

  Jennie, as you can see in the 2006 photo, is a very precious child. That last time I saw her, she loved sitting continually on my lap. If I would stand up to do something else, she would ask me to sit back down, then climb back up. This child is just full of love and kisses, which she liberally bestowed upon me over and over again.  Such a blessing!


                                                                                                                        - Mom Barb Richter






Some of the children at Lucner's home 



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