Uncle Dudley's Catering Contract!

*** All jobs are required to put down a $100 deposit to reserve the date. Without

the deposit the date is not secured. The deposit will come off your bill.  Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE.

*** All money will be due no later than the day of the party and if returning

skirting or the coffee pot then no later than the next business day.


*** We DO NOT accept credit cards or debit card as a form of payment.

*** We prepare enough food for the number of people you book a party for.

We understand that occasionally people miss judge and more show

than expected. We always bring some extra in case that becomes

the situation. Just to make it clear, if we would run into that

situation you will be billed for the additional amout of people up to

our discretion. We try our best to get the most accurate count by

counting plates before and after serving.

***On the other note if you book a party and find that not as many show as was

expected, you will be billed for the number you booked the party for.

We always come prepared for that as well by having foil pans to package

up the leftovers you may have.

***We serve for 1 1/2 hours when serving a party. Note that if you tell us to start

serving at 6:00 the the 1 1/2 hours will begin at 6:00 weather you begin

at that time of not. If you would happen to run late the a minimum of

$50/hour charge will be added to your bill if you want the food left up longer

than the initial 1 1/2 hours. This is very important when planning a wedding

be sure to check with the photographer and DJ to arrive at the most

appropriate time for the meal.

***We provide Linen table cloths and linen skirting for the buffet table as well as the

bridal table (when applicable). Most reception halls have changed to the

nice white plastic tables which are about 4 inches thick. My linen skirting

will not fit on these tables. If possible in order for us to skirt the table please

make sure the table has about a 1/2 inch-1 inches lip around the edge.

If the only tables available are the thicker ones then we will not be able to use

the linen skirts. We will still put the linen table cloths on the table.

***We ask that you finalize the menu selection and number of people 14 days prior to the

event date. If not we may not be able to get certain items in time for the party.


Date of the event to be catered________________________

Your Signature & and Phone number____________________