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XL Oval Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring


Talking about a Statement Piece with the WOW Factor…This is one Beautiful
and Bold Turquoises Ring. This particular Large Oval Turquoise Stone has a
Bold Black vein of Matrix running through it making it so very interesting to
look at.  The Oval Turquoise Stone measures 1” Long x 5/8” across. Soooo
BOLD! Ring size is 9 ¼
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Price - $156.00 


Round Malachite & Sterling Silver Ring


This is a Beautiful Deep Green Malachite Stone set in a Sterling Silver Bezel
Setting. This Malachite Ring is medium in size with the stone that is set up
at about ¼” high and   measuring  approximately ½” round. If you love
deep green, then this simplistic Malachite Ring is for you. Ring Size is 6

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Price - $86.00



Long Oval Malachite & Sterling Silver Ring 

You like vibrant green? Then Malachite is your gemstone of choice. Here we have
one beautiful and very bold statement ring. The bands of various shades of green
are quiet predominant as is customary with most Malachite's gemstones and this
one is no exception. With a split band this ring measures
approximately 1 1/8" long and just over a 1/2" wide and the metal is all solid 925 Sterling Silver. (Size 8)
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Price - $152.00

Large Prong Set Pinkish Rudy Druzy & Sterling Silver Ring

Yet another unusual One-of-a-Kind Ruby Druzy Ring. This gemstone is cut in a
slab showing the geod crystal pocket and the Ruby crystals are also more pinkish
in color, much like the highest quality Rubys that everyone desires. I prong set this
beautiful Gemstone to give the entire stone more exposure. It measure approximately
1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide and is freeform in nature. The Sterling Silver band is a split
shank design. (Size 7 3/4)
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Price - $148.00

Colorful Chrysocolla & Sterling Silver Ring


Chrysocolla is relatively a new find coming out of China and is a favorite
of many Turquoise lovers due to the beautiful vibrant blue/green colors.
So far, it is only found and mind in China. This particular is an abstract
shape, which I set it a Sterling Silver bezel cup. The band is a single band
in Sterling Silver. You’ll love this ring as you go throughout your day
wearing it and being asked over and over again what the stone is.
Pure Joy on your Finger. (Size 7.25)
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Price - $134.00

Medium Large Oval Greenish Blue Turquoise
& Sterling Silver Ring

This Beautiful Turquoise Ring is one of those rings that will definitely become a staple in your ring collection. One that you’ll be comfortable wearing day after
day and the type of ring that you love wearing as people continue to tell you how beautiful it is. The split band and bezel cup are solid Sterling Silver. The ring measures 5/8” long and 1/2” wide.  A look that everyone wants…that’s for sure.  (Size 8)

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Price - $138.00