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Tango y Mas


Angel Garcia-Clemente is a resident of New York City, but a native of Puebla, Mexico.  His past and his present are the foundation of his unique world that combines heart stopping performances, electrifying choreography and inspirational teaching into a unique amalgam of unparalleled dance excellence.  Equally acclaimed for his skills as a choreographer, Angel's unique style in Argentine Tango, Milonga, Vals and his  encyclopedic knowledge of the Latin American Folkloric repertoire are unsurpassed.  To that foundation he adds a unique perspective on contemporary social dances including Salsa, Merengue and Swing.

Always looking for new creative outlets, Angel has been active in the film/dance video arena.  He appeared in the chart-topping Vanessa Williams/Chayanne single from the motion picture Dance with Me and can be in the soon-to-be-released Disney movie Enchanted.
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"Tango and More," is an international dance troupe of different ethnicities and dance background that critics hail as "Elegant", "Passionate" and "a new breed of dance fusions."  Founded in 2000 by Angel Garcia-Clemente and based in New York City, Tango y Mas allows choreographers to express their area of expertise while collaborating with other artists to express a greater vision.  The goal of Tango y Mas is to both nurture the talents of artists as well as provide them the space to fuse their creative talents with other dances.  As a result the dancers of Tango y Mas perform an electric fusion of dances such as Argentine Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, Hustle, West Coast Swing and Modern Dance to name a few.

Enthusiastic audiences throughout the U.S., Mexico, South America and Europe have cheered the intensity and authenticity that is the hallmark of Tango y Mas Dance Company.  Tango y Mas has performed live at New York City's most illustrious venues including:

Julio Iglesias 2005 Tour                        National Tour
Tribute to Tito Puente                                   Madison Square Garden, NY
Four Seasons for Piazzola                          Carnegie Hall, NY
Midsummer Nights Swing                              Lincoln Center, NY
Camila the Musical                                            Walnut Street Theater, PA
International Tango Fest                              Town Hall, NY
Latin Rhythms                                                     BB Kings, NY w/ Chita Rivera
The Tango Lesson                                             w/Eugene Symphony Orchestra, Oregon
Tribute to Piazzola                                            w/Pan-American Symphony Orchestra
An Evening w/ The Ulster Ballet               Broadway Theater Kingston, NY
Ballet Los Pampas                                             National Tour
Un Tango Azul y Monimbo                          United Nations, NY
Swango                                                                   Queens Theater in the Park, NY
Annual Red Ball                                                   Plaza Hotel, NY for the First Lady Hillary Clinton
Friars Dancing with the Stars                     The Friars Club, NY
Tango Interlude Show                                     Wings Theater, NY
Tango y Mas Show                                            Angela Peralta Theater, San Miguel De Allende, MEX
Colours of Tango                                               Fairmont Southampton Theater, Bermuda
Sapporo Beer Premier                                     El Salvador
Roxana's Tango                                                   American Theater of Actors, NY
Salsa Mania                                                           Southhampton, Bermuda
Dancing with the Stars                                   PrizewaterHouse Mexico, Bermuda,
(mini Tour)                                                                 San Francisco, Florida
Quien Tiene Estrella                                       Mexico City, Mexico Competitors

Tango y Mas Dance Company's television appearances includes; NY1, Good Morning America, Sabado Gigante for Univision and TV Azteca to name a few.  The Company recently came back from a successful tour in Florida and a TV show in Mexico.  Currently Tango y Mas Dance Company is preparing new works for their upcoming 2008/2009 seasons.

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