It's all in the Bag!!!!

Packaged deal $75.00

(diaper bag, diapes and wipes, Burp rag, & comfy cushion)





NEW....Pacifier protectors: $5.00 (attach to blankets, bibs, baby clothes and more)



Diapes and Wipes: $10.00 + tax

(Holds wipe container and 1-2 diapers)


Burpies $12.00 + tax or 3 for $30.00(includes name)


 Baby Bibs $12.00 + tax (includes name or initials)



Ruffle Buts and Ruffle Onesie $25-$30




College/ Sports Onesie:



Baby sets:



Crib Collectors(Toy Holder) $30.00 + tax (includes name)


Shopping Cart Covers $40.00 + tax (includes name)


Comfy Cushions (for carseat carriers) $8.00 + tax 

or $13.00 with name



 Baby Blankets (depending on size & material)