2018 I have started working on a new project, recording new songs. I hope ‚Äčto complete this project by June 1. The muse has been sitting on my shoulder again and whispering in my ear and I must tell you it always feels nice to complete a song. 

FALL FROM GRACE a 2004 release featured songs like “Tea and Honey” and “Please My Worried Mind” nominated for song of the year by the Houston Songwriters Association. In fact 7 cuts on this CD were nominated for "Song of the Year" One of the songs did win Song of the Year "I Still Hide My Heart Away"penned by Patricia Bishop and Willie B, paving the way for Willie B to win Songwriter of the Year.   

Willie founded and hosts the Texas Songwriters Showcase with friend and fellow musician Michael Pope. After 4 wonderful years of the Showcase Michael Pope resigned from the show which is now in it's 11th year. The Texas Songwriters Showcase is held the second Friday of each month at JP Hops House 2317 S. Hwy 6.

MONEY THINK$ I'M DEAD a 2010 Release is selling like hot cakes, you should get your copy today!

Pre Production has begun for Willie’s 6th solo project. Many of the new songs are written and a few are all ready recorded. The title is still up in the air but maybe by the fall 14' it will be a done deal!

Playing Out Around Town: 

in 06' Willie B formed a Bules band affectionately known as "The Blues Pigs" for friend and partner in crime, The Reverand Dr. Otis Futhermucker  

  The Hanshaws (08 Tex

as Music Award noninees for Best Vocal Group) and Willie B team up all the time. In fact The Hanshaws and Willie B have been perforning together for years (everytime we get a chance!)     Willie b has a duo called US 2 with    Kim Kyle. Willie B is also forming a new band with the same name!   


US 2 (08) to present has morphed into MELODYMAKERS (2014)

with Kim Kyle on vocals and acoustic guitar

Dave Corbett on drums and vocals

Ronnie Winggins on bass

Willie B released his new cd, "MONEY THINK$  I'M DEAD" and it is on sale now!



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     Houston Songwriters Association

Proud member of the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians .





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