The "Dreams Come True"

(Coast Guard Approved + Fully Insured)

Our boat the "Dreams Come True" is a 28 foot 1992 Baha Cruiser Weekender with a 11 foot beam. A very heavy, stable and safe boat for the calm and sometimes rough fishing days. She has twin MerCruiser 305 (Chevy) engines with straight screws for power, riding comfort and trollability.

Our boat is also equipped with the latest electronics package to help us find fish, show our location and to keep us safe so we feature a full line of high end commercial grade RAYMARINE products. We feel they are one of the best marine electronics company's in the market today.

 We run three Raymarine's C-120, C-140W and a E-140W Touchscreen with 12 and 14 inch screens. They are multi-display units. 

 (Lots of big kings on the screen) Actual pic from our boat!

The first unit displays fish, bottom and structure with HD, yes, high definition detail,


RAYMARINE E-140W Hyper-Touch 14" Screen


using a DSM600Digital HD high definition sonar module. It is amazing!


The second unit display's our GPS or global positioning system. This is very important in finding our way out to the fishing grounds and also our way back home and keeping us on top of feeding fish when we find them.


 This unit cannot work with out the help of our Raymarine- Raystar 125 GPS antenna.  

This awesome GPS package would not be complete with out an additional very high end Navionics chip for awesome detail like depth lines down to as little as half a foot increments.


The second unit also displays our radar with a 24" 4kw 48 nautical mile Raymarine- Raydome so we can see weather and obstacles out very far in advance of our location, so we can avoid them if needed. 



 Theses units are very high end, but for us nothing is too good for our clients. We feel the best equipment will usually lead to a productive fishing day.


SI-TEX SP-120C Auto Pilot


For speed and temp. info we have a X4 Fish Hawk Thermo-Troll unit.


This unit shows us surface speed, downrigger speed, surface temp., and downrigger temp.. So we can troll our lures at the best fish catching and lure working speeds and keep the lures in the right fish feeding temps. Also, to find the fish holding thermocline or surface temp. breaks.

We also have one of the best Marine radios for communications and safety.


Standard Horizon Explorer Series GX1850 25W VHF Radio 




Next we have 3 Cannon Mag 20 Dt downriggers. They are some of the fastest and most reliable riggers on the market today.


The rest of this fish catching machine is rigged with Big-Jon electric plainer boards and many Big-Jon rod holders.


We also have many high quality rods and reels by Okuma and many, many lures and riggings that will all help in the fishing.   





 Our boat is very spacious and can accommodate up to 6 clients and still have room for the crew.  


Our boat has a hard top with a drop curtain for weather free fishing.


 Some happy and comfortable anglers waiting for a rod to fire! 


Our boat also features a fully enclosed head(toilet), shower and sink with hot and cold water, a refrigerator, stove, fish cleaning station with a spray down and a V-berth that sleeps 3. We carry blankets and pillows and other comforts, all for our clients comfort, and convenience!

We also take pride in having everything that the Coast Guard, N.Y. State and any law enforcement agency may require us to have. Along with additional items we may feel we need to make your day SAFE, fun, and a fishing trip of a life time! 



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