PURCHASED IN SEPT. 2007                  SAME BUILDING NEW FACADE

     PREVIOUS JC BAIT & TACKLE                          PYLE'S PORTHOLE! 


 Adam asking himself...REALLY?     The Old Bait Tank Area        Baitshop Side of the Store


  Tackle Area of Old Store                  Convenience Store                Convenience Counter


 Old Concrete Floor in C-store         Start of Demolition                 Entire Store Demolished



Notice the Dust in the Air                   Black Mold in the Coolers         35 YRDS New Cement


 Same Bait Tank - New Facelift        Custom Airbrushing                  Starting to Come Together


Finishing up the Woodwork           Waterfall Work & Beer Cave                  AlmostComplete!   

Soon to be Coffee Bar Area              Counter/Display Area                  Ice Cold Beer Coolers!


Walk-In Beer Cave/Waterfall           Installing the Plasma TV          Java City Coffee Bar Area