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2019 Harvest Home Food Sign Up

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, we are asking everyone to bring a dish to share for Harvest Home. 
Turkey and gravy, butter (for the dinner rolls), salad dressing (for the tossed salad)
and whipped cream (for the pumpkin pie) will be provided.


We are asking that you sign up to bring one (or more) items on the signup sheet list. 
We will also provide disposable cooking containers for the hot dishes

that will fit right into our chafing dish cradles –
that way you can either cook your item right in the disposable pan,
or cook your item and bring it in the disposable pan. 
Then you don’t have to take a dirty dish home to wash!


We are asking for the following foods:


(3) Mashed potatoes – each dish to serve 20


(3) Stuffing – each dish to serve 20


(3) Sweet potatoes – each dish to serve 20


(1) Vegetable – Corn or corn casserole – to serve 20


(1) Vegetable – Green beans or green bean casserole – to serve 20


(1) Vegetable – Carrots or other vegetable – to serve 20


(2) Tossed salads


(2) Cranberry sauce (2 cans total)


(6) Dinner Rolls (2 packages of 12 each person)


(3) Pumpkin pies


(6) Other desserts


(1) Gallon Lemonade     (1) Gallon Ice Tea     (1) Gallon Punch     (1) Gallon 2% Milk


We will have “to-go” containers available the evening of the dinner if there are left-overs.  We have some wonderful cooks in our church family and there is always plenty left to take home for later.


Please sign up in the East Room, along with the number of people who will be attending with you.   We need an accurate count for table setup!


Thank you so much!


Joyce and Christy