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Welcome To My Website
Welcome to My Website!



I'm black male focusing on building wealth for my people. I work as a RN at Harlem Hospital Emergency Department NYC.

I spent 4 years in the U.S.A.F AT Pease A.F.B in Portsmouth NH.

Worked on Wall Street as a clerk at Morgan Trust Investment Bank before it mergered with Chase bank in 2004.

Decided to attend The City College of New York AT 138 Convent Ave Harlem USA.

Graduated with a B.S.N. A NURSING DEGREE.

I have lived in Harlem for about 20 years now.

I did purchase one brownstone in Harlem. Lost it to Foreclosure.Purchased 2 houses in Columbia S.C- SOLD THEM.

Purchased 2 coops in New York- Gave away.

Purchased 3 houses in Rochester NY- Sold them.

Attended Richmond Virginia University in Richmond VA. Received my Masters in Divinity in 1998. M.Div. Ordained a historic Canaan baptist Church by Dr. Wyatt T. Walker.

Forex trading now for 10 plus years.


Building multiple You-tube Channels to promote the Forex trading business. "The Jay Rich NYC Money Show." will be one of my main channels to promote Forex Trading. It will eventually be a live streaming service.


The Blackman1045D. Blackmen need to awaken from the dream world they are brain washed into.

Free to the black race will not come unless the average black man has Money and Power.


The Black Wall Street Story. It pains me to no end.