The Road to WrestleRama 24 has begun. And if the Bunkhouse Brawl was any indication, it’s going to be a wild ride as the Michigan Wrestling Organization marches toward the Richfield Road Church in Flint on Sunday, April 15 for the promotion’s biggest event of the year.
              The 16th annual Bunkhouse Brawl supercard on February 25 laid the groundwork for what fans can expect for WrestleRama. Between the crowning of a new MWO Champion and a new No.1 contender established with a Brawl battle royal victory, the main event for WrestleRama 24 has been set, with newly-crowned titlist Jacob Brawn defending the MWO Championship title against former best friend and tag team partner, the Superstar Alex Crow, who won the invitational battle royal.
              A packed crowd inside the Fenton Community & Cultural Center watched as MWO Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee and reigning Tag Team champions the Dean Boys leaving Fenton with their titles in tow, as well as a physical clash between the Darkstar Logan and Roberto Cruz that ended in a disappointing double countout. From bell to bell, the excitement generated by the event kept fans invested throughout the duration of the Bunkhouse Brawl. Based on the success of the event, officials are working to secure a spring return date to the Fenton Community & Cultural Center.
              Here are some highlights from a historic Bunkhouse Brawl supercard:


In true traditional form, the Bunkhouse Brawl has established the main event for WrestleRama, pitting MWO Champion Jacob Brawn against The Superstar Alex Crow. Brawn regained the MWO Championship over a year after losing it at last year’s Brawl, by defeating Blackwell. However, it was a calculated attack by The Uprising that led to Blackwell’s downfall and subsequent title loss. When it looked as if Blackwell was moments away from a successful title defense, the defending champion was blindsided by the Real Deal Michael Reaver, who pummeled Blackwell to the mat with a lead pipe. With Blackwell unconscious, Brawn took advantage of the situation and scored the pinfall that netted him his second organization championship and a main event berth at WrestleRama 24.
              Just over an hour later, Brawn and Jessica Monroe—who made her shocking return during the course of the MWO Championship match—watched backstage as Alex Crow emerged from 32 superstars to win the Bunkhouse Brawl battle royal to secure a title shot on April 15, setting up what will likely to be one of the most heated main events in WrestleRama history. Crow last eliminated Jason “the Basher” Clouse to earn the victory and had an intense stare down with Brawn, who emerged from the dressing room area after the match was over.


In what is being called one of the most controversial rulings by a Michigan Wrestling Organization official in recent years, the Dean Boys are still the MWO Tag Team champions following a disqualification victory over Adrian Anderson & Fat Tony at the Bunkhouse Brawl on Feb. 25. While Tyson and Tyler put up a tremendous effort, the power and size advantage of the challengers would continually thwart the champions’ momentum. In the closing moments of the match, Fat Tony had gained possession of a tag title belt, and used it to knock out Tyson while the referee’s attention was on the brawl between Anderson and Tyler. As the referee turned around, he registered the pinfall that looked as if new Tag Team champions had just been crowned. It was even announced that Anderson and Tony were the winners as the referee presented them with the Tag Team championship belts. The celebration was cut short when interim commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse came to the ringside area, reversed the decision, and awarded the Dean Boys a disqualification victory. An enraged Anderson and Fat Tony screamed at PF that they deserved to be the champions. It’s been reported that Anderson and Fat Tony filed formal grievances against the interim commissioner and are demanding that they receive a rematch with the Dean Boys. The reigning titleholders are said to welcome any rematch with their top-ranked contenders.
              Against all odds, Bam Grizzlee retained the MWO Great Lakes championship in a triple threat match that opened the actual Bunkhouse Brawl event. The popular mountain man was challenged by the powerful Victor Cross and the unpredictable Stitches McVey, who was competing in his first MWO match in a year. Cross was determined to redeem himself after losing to Bam at Christmas Clash in December, while extremely unhappy with McVey’s involvement in the match. Cross came within inches of dethroning Grizzlee, but Bam used an inside cradle small package on Stitches to secure the victory and extend his impressive reign as the MWO Great Lakes champion.

The rivalry between the Darkstar Logan and Roberto Cruz was nowhere closer to being resolved following their showdown at the Bunkhouse Brawl, their second one-on-one match on a high profile card. If anything, the pre and post match attacks on Logan only intensified their feud. It looked as if Cruz would be on his own for this match, as his Positive Promotions manager Mr. Positive and the other members of the stable—JJ Hughes and the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown—was conspicuous by their absences. But as the match was about to start, the Darkstar was jumped by Fraytown and the “Main Attraction,” leaving Cruz with a considerable advantage once the match officially started. Logan fought his way back into the match, rattling Cruz with a series of high-impact moves, followed by his trademark cannonball into the turnbuckles.
              Once the action spilled to the floor of the Fenton Community & Cultural Center, the rivals pummeled each other until the referee counted both Logan and Cruz out, ending the contest in a double countout. Once again, the Darkstar was on the receiving end of a three-on-one assault when two unsuspecting allies came to Logan’s aid. Rex Havoc and former Promotions member Laura Phoenix stormed the ring to thwart the stable’s attack on Logan. As Logan, Laura, and Havoc stood in the ring, Positive Promotions were vowing revenge against the popular trio with their hands raised high.


Several participants in the 32-star Bunkhouse Brawl invitational battle royal were either making a return or guest appearance during the course of the match. Three MWO Hall of Famers—Pure Fury Jeff Clouse, Jason “the Basher” Clouse, and Levi Blue—all competed in the organization’s all-star match. The Bacanes made their return to the MWO in the last half of the Brawl match. But the surprise entry would have to be announcer Jordan Scavone, who left the announce table to take a spot in the match. He would be quickly eliminated by MWO Tag Team championship co-holder Tyler Dean.

Speaking of Levi Blue, in the days prior to the Bunkhouse Brawl Blue posted a video on social media that was picked up by the MWO Network that singled out Laura Phoenix. The “Pretty Boy Redneck” had suggested that Phoenix had no place in the ring and is not deserving of her upcoming induction into the MWO Hall of Fame this spring. Blue had been in the ring for nearly 20 minutes when Laura entered the match. After a physical back-and-forth exchange, Phoenix was able to eliminate Levi from the battle royal in one of the most memorable moments in Bunkhouse Brawl history.

There seems to be a lot of animosity brewing between Jason “the Basher” Clouse and The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown after the Bunkhouse Brawl match. Clouse had been the last entry into the invitational battle royal and was the one to oust Fraytown from the match. Enraged over his elimination, Fraytown was instrumental in the Basher’s elimination that netted the match victory for eventual winner The Superstar Alex Crow. Following the match, Clouse and Fraytown shouted at each other as Crow celebrated the win.

MWO officials are looking into the ongoing feud between Blackwell and The Uprising, especially since Simon Paige’s faction cost the big man not only his MWO Championship title, but also his bid to earn a title shot at WrestleRama 24 by being responsible for his elimination from the Bunkhouse Brawl match. Blackwell’s attention is set on the Real Deal Michael Reaver, who was the one who really took it to Blackwell in various attacks on the former champion. All indications are that Blackwell and Reaver could settle their rivalry at WrestleRama on April 15.

MWO Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee def. Victor Cross and Stitches McVey in a triple threat match ... Darkstar Logan vs. Roberto Cruz battled to a double countout ... MWO Tag Team champions Dean Boys def. Adrian Anderson & Fat Tony via DQ ... Jacob Brawn def. MWO champion Blackwell to win the title ... The Superstar Alex Crow won the 2018 Bunkhouse Brawl match, last eliminating Jason "The Basher" Clouse