MWO Commissioner Recovering From Attack

Newly-appointed Michigan Wrestling Organization commissioner Simon Paige didn’t have to wait long to see the negatives that his new job poses. Coming off a very successful MWO 25 event at the Richfield Road Church in Flint, Paige was discussing the event with organization manager/commentator Pope Brandon Brownson when he was attacked and brutalized by Victor Cross.

The sneak attack by the bodyguard for MWO Champion and CEO Jason “the Basher” Clouse landed the commissioner in the hospital overnight for observation before being sent home to recuperate. Paige took to the MWO’s social media sites to announce that he was suspending Cross from appearing at Trick-or-Slam on October 5, an announcement that apparently didn’t sit well with the Basher, who is set to defend the MWO Championship title against Old School Ric Caurdiea and Jeremiah J. Hughes in the show’s triple threat main event.

“Based on Jason Clouse’s reaction when the suspension was announced, he was planning on Cross to be at the event, probably to help him in his title defense against Caurdiea and Hughes,” said one MWO backstage agent, “He was visibly upset and slammed the door to his office when the announcement was made.”

There has been a lot of back and forth banter between the two top-ranking officials since Simon was announced as the new commissioner, in an attempt to counter the power bestowed upon Clouse’s CEO responsibilities. The conflict culminated at MWO 25, when Paige allowed Pure Fury Jeff Clouse to form a team to battle the Basher’s Power Trip team in an elimination match at the September 15 event in Flint.

Paige said he will be in Lake Orion on October 5 for Trick-or-Slam to keep and maintain order during the three-hour live cablecast on ONTV’s television and internet platforms.

Footage of Victor Cross's attack on MWO Commissioner Simon Paige
courtesy of MWO Network