One has to wonder if the temperate has been dropping whenever MWO Great Lakes champion Rex Havoc and Laura Phoenix are around. There is an uneasy sense of dread that seems to be stalking the power couple of the Michigan Wrestling Organization, and with every passing event, the feeling intensifies.
              For whatever reason, Tragedy Ann has been seen stalking Phoenix and the “Lone Wolf,” leaving many to wonder if she’s scouting Havoc in what could be an eventual showdown with Skullz or if she’s focused on Phoenix. The first time it became apparent was on the most recent episode of Slammin’ Saturday Night on ONTV, when Tragedy was spotted peering through a dark doorway after an interview with Laura and Rex. And then, during the live event at the Richfield Road Church on July 7, Havoc and Laura looked visibly disturbed by something, even though Rex had just successfully defended his MWO Great Lakes title against Cannonball Alex Steele.
              “There’s no doubt Tragedy Ann has taken some sort of interest in Rex and Laura,” said organization executive Melvin Pratt, “We just don’t know what her intentions are. But it’s clear that Rex and Laura can sense there’s something going on that’s just not normal.”
              While Skullz has not been seen since WrestleRama 25, Tragedy started arriving to the venues and was briefly seen in the corners of the dressing room areas one minute and then gone the next. A few MWO superstars have commented that they felt this uneasy feeling around them, and when they turned around, Ann would be standing in the corner with a bizarre smirk on her face.
              “Something creepy is going on with (Tragedy Ann),” said MWO TV champion Pure Fury Jeff Clouse, “I usually don’t get that feeling around a lot of people, but something’s off with her. I know I wouldn’t want to be Havoc or Laura right now.”
              Members of the organization’s support staff have also had run-ins with Tragedy Ann. One member of the ring crew told officials that he was startled when he turned around to grab some equipment, saw Tragedy in the far corner of the venue just staring at the crew. It should be noted that with every appearance reported, more often than not Havoc and Phoenix were in the area, furthering speculation that this is a mind games tactic to rattle the power couple.
              While Laura is an accomplished wrestler, having won the MWO Television title a few years ago, Tragedy is not. Her Hall of Fame career has been spent in the corner of some of the biggest names in the promotion. Currently under the banner of the Disciples of Darkness, Tragedy is the only visible member of the ominous faction. Tragedy Ann is a master of manipulation, and that’s not something that sits well with Phoenix, who is not afraid to mix it up in a fight when she feels threatened. But Laura’s biggest feuds have not had the feeling of the unknown such as this brewing conflict with the Queen of Darkness.
              “I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a scouting mission of some sort,” Pratt speculated, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen Skullz, so this may be a preview of another comeback from him.”
              This has the potential to become a major rivalry in the MWO, one that the organization has not ever seen. We will all be keeping a close eye on any developments. Because we know everyone in the Michigan Wrestling Organization will be.