For the fifth consecutive year, the Michigan Wrestling Organization will bring its brand of sports-entertainment to the grounds of the Union City Ballfields in Flint as part of UAW Local 598’s annual Soberfest. As the closing show of the event’s 25th installment, organization officials—specifically MWO chief executive officer and Local 598 member Jason “the Basher” Clouse—made sure to pull out all the stops and create a card that is as anticipated as any MWO event so far this year.
              A Double Main Event has been announced for the July 21st outdoor event. The Takeover’s Jeremiah J. Hughes will defend the MWO Championship title against the rising star Cesar Ashur. As prestigious as the MWO Title match is, this particular event is anchored by the organization’s first-ever Steel Cage Warfare Match between Hoss Fight and Scum of the Earth as the ultimate conclusion to the factions’ ongoing war. Three other matches, including MWO Television champion Pure Fury Jeff Clouse’s title defense against The Mighty Bojack, will round out this show and send the MWO into overdrive on its road to SummerSmash on August 24 in Alma.
              The MWO Wrestling Live event will begin at 3:00 PM and is free admission for fans of all ages. It is an outdoor event, so fans are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets. Here is a preview of the matches scheduled to take place at this historic event that will close out Soberfest’s 25th anniversary.


MWO Championship Title Match: JEREMIAH J. HUGHES (c) vs. CESAR ASHUR—The announcement of Cesar Ashur being named the challenger in the co-main event of the Soberfest event was met with mixed reviews. Having just recently returning the MWO, the “Centurion of Submission” has made a big enough impact that officials deemed him worthy of a shot at the MWO Championship. Standing in Ashur’s way of organization immortality is defending titlist Jeremiah J. Hughes, who is coming off of two impressive title defenses against a very game Tyler Dean. And backing the Archduke is the collection known as The Takeover, the group consisting of Ashur’s archrival The Mighty Bojack, the impressive Roberto Cruz, and managed by Jordan J. Scavone. Given Cesar’s documented history with Bojack, he is no stranger to the means The Takeover will take in order to secure a win, especially one as crucial as this. This is expected to be a hard hitting collision between two of the MWO’s brightest superstars battling over the promotion’s biggest prize.


Steel Cage Warfare Match: HOSS FIGHT (Ric Caurdiea, Fat Tony, Adrian Anderson, Backwoods Bam)
vs. SCUM OF THE EARTH (Alex Crow, The Epidemic, Corey Kerr)
—Spearheaded by the rivalry between Old School Ric Caurdiea and Alex Crow, the war that has escalated to historic proportions will finally see its dramatic conclusion. Two teams of four will wage war within the confines of the steel cage—the ultimate resolution to any conflict in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. “Old School” will join his Hoss Fight partners Fat Tony, Adrian Anderson, and the returning Backwoods Bam when they clash with Scum of the Earth, Crow’s group that includes the Dire Wolf Corey Kerr and reigning MWO Tag Team champions The Epidemic (Loco & DJ Edwards). Two wrestlers will start the match and between timed intervals, each squad will send in another participant until all eight men are in the cage. Tasked with maintaining some sort of order as guest referee will be MWO CEO Jason “the Basher” Clouse, who has come under criticism by Crow for making himself the official of the match. One way or another, a winning faction will be determined, thus ending one of the longest running rivalries in organization history.


MWO Television Championship Match: PURE FURY JEFF CLOUSE (c) vs. THE MIGHTY BOJACK--Jordan J. Scavone is determined to make his Takeover faction the most powerful in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. In his quest, the manager is sending The Mighty Bojack, one of the most promising new stars in the promotion, into his first one-on-one title opportunity when he challenges Pure Fury Jeff Clouse for the MWO Television championship on July 21. Bojack has been impressive upon his arrival to the organization. At this point, he’s been in the driver’s seat in his ongoing feud with Cesar Ashur. Most recently, Bojack was a major force in a fatal four-way against PF, Ashur, and Roberto Cruz. However, Bojack’s path to his first title in the MWO will have to come at the expense of one of the longest-tenured stars in the promotion. Since winning his second TV title, PF has been reinvigorated and is as successful today as he’s ever been. Clouse’s experience will be the key factor against his bigger and stronger challenger if he hopes to retain the championship.


No.1 Contenders Tag Team Match: POPE-N-FRIENDS vs. THE STEELE TWINS--With a shot at the Michigan Wrestling Organization Tag Team championship at SummerSmash on the line, two of the premiere tag teams will battle at Soberfest. The fan-favorite combination of Blackwell & THEE Cody Leedy, managed by the beloved Pope Brandon Brownson, will reignite their rivalry with the Steele Twins. Both duos are former MWO Tag Team champions and are desperate to get back into the title picture. Blackwell and Leedy are still rebounding from their title loss to The Epidemic at Slam-a-Thon in June and have the support of the fans to ride a wave of momentum back to the top of the tag team division. Standing in their way are former multi-time champions Andrew & Alex Steele. Once the MWO’s most popular tandem, the Steeles have turned their backs on the fans and have resorted to rule-breraking tactics to score victories. They’ve recently enlisted the managerial services of Professor Albert Teach, who is a stark contrast to Brownson. Can the Professor change the twins’ direction on the path to a title shot in August or will Pope-n-Friends punch their ticket to SummerSmash with a win over the Package and the Cannonball?


TYLER DEAN vs. ROBERTO CRUZ—Two of the brightest superstars in the Michigan Wrestling Organization will square off in what could be the show-stealer of the July 21 live event at Soberfest. The tenacious Tyler Dean will use his speed and agility to battle the powerful and cagy Roberto Cruz, where the winner will receive a match against MWO Great Lakes champion Rex Havoc at SummerSmash on August 24. For Cruz, this is his opportunity to earn a rematch with the “Lone Wolf,” who dethroned the Takeover member at MWO Redemption in May. For Tyler, this is his chance to prove he deserves to be considered a top contender. He had two very impressive showings against MWO Champion Jeremiah J. Hughes, but fell short of winning the title. Dean is among the most talented stars in the MWO and is looking for a big upset over the larger Roberto. Whoever dictates the tempo of the match will be the one that will be challenging Havoc in August.