Rising tension between two of the strongest factions in the Michigan Wrestling Organization has officially boiled over into an all-out conflict. Scum of the Earth—the quartet of the Superstar Alex Crow, the Dire Wolf Corey Kerr, and The Epidemic (the newly-minted name for Loco & DJ Edwards)—have set their sights on The Takeover as was evident by a video uploaded to the MWO Network.
              Following Jeremiah J. Hughes’ victory in the main event of MWO Redemption to capture the MWO Championship title, manager Jordan J. Scavone is seen placing an order for new championship t-shirts to celebrate the Archduke’s win over defending titlist Old School Ric Caurdiea and Crow in a triple threat match. The phone call is abruptly ended when Scavone finds himself surrounded by Scum members. With The Epidemic holding Scavone in place, the Superstar verbally berated The Takeover’s manager before striking him down and leaving Scavone unconscious.
              Scavone was attended to by medical personnel after being found by Hughes, Roberto Cruz, and the Mighty Bojack. The Takeover vows revenge for the heinous attack on their manager regardless of what goals they had in place. With Hughes now in possession of the MWO Championship, he has become the number-one target in the MWO, especially in the eyes of Crow, who is seething over yet another lost opportunity to win the heavyweight crown.
              As The Takeover are likely planning retaliation, Scum of the Earth still has a lot of unsettled business with Hoss Fight. After losing the MWO Title, “Old School” has been uncharacteristically quiet in the subsequent days since Redemption. And coming off a big win over the Steele Twins, the group’s resident tag team of Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson are looking to settle their score with Scum of the Earth once and for all, especially their ongoing rivalry with The Epidemic.