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Long-time Michigan Wrestling Organization fans received a jolt of excitement when the rumors were confirmed that the promotion was relaunching its once-popular series, MWO Showdown. For months, there was rumblings that producers were working with organization officials about relaunching the show that was the centerpiece of the MWO’s original YouTube channel (known as OfficialMWO). However, whenever the subject was brought up, officials downplayed the rumors.
              All that changed when the MWO uploaded a preview video for Trick-or-Slam onto its Facebook page. From the start of the video, MWO commentator Hal made the proclamation by welcoming viewers to MWO Showdown for the first time in nearly seven years. A few days later, the official relaunch took place on October 9 exclusively on the MWO Network.
              Showdown was an institution for the promotion when it debuted in 2011. Hosted by Hal and a few different co-hosts, most frequently the beloved Uncle Hector, Showdown brought fans a unique combination of in-studio interviews and match highlights from shows taped at other venues. The show was abruptly pulled with the creation of the MWO Network, the organization’s new and current YouTube channel.
              “We’re very excited about Showdown coming back to the MWO,” said Hal moments before taping the official relaunch for the network. “Of all the great things I’ve done in the MWO, this show really means more than all of it.”
              The show was such a success that MWO officials named its series of shows on ONTV as Showdown LIVE before changing formats upon the debut of Slammin’ Saturday Night. Hal was excited to learn that THEE Cody Leedy, the original co-host of the show before being replaced by Hector, had agreed to return to the show.
              Here’s your chance to see the relaunch of MWO Showdown.