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Is there a jealousy issue
between the Dean Boys?

Is Jeff Clouse on his way
to the retirement home?

Hal (seen with ex-announcer Jeff Simmons)
may be a candidate for commentary

Welcome to my brand new column with the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s official website. I’m excited about this new endeavor for me and hope you, the fans, enjoy my certain take on the things going on in the MWO. No disrespect intended for my colleague, Wildman Williams, but I don’t believe he goes deep enough into the goings on in the MWO and its locker room of wrestling superstars.

First, my credentials
**Graduate of Ferris State University with a business administration degree
**Another degree achieved in the area of writing and reporting
**Life-long pro wrestling fan and fan of the MWO since 2012

With that, here’s the initial installment of my column. And as you will see…I won’t be very popular for long.

I have it on good authority that MWO Television Champion Tyler Dean will NOT be a part of Christmas Clash on December 8 in Flint. It’s my understanding that following the network tapings that took place a few weeks ago, Dean got into a heated argument with MWO CEO Jason “The Basher” Clouse that resulted in Clouse pulling Tyler off the show and ordering him to stay home. The decision to keep the TV champ off the card did not sit well with MWO Commissioner Simon Paige, who was left helpless in Tyler’s pleas to get onto the show. Meanwhile, while Tyler is struggling to just see a spot at Christmas Clash, his brother Tyson stamped his ticket to the main event of the Christmas show when he challenges the Archduke Jeremiah J. Hughes for the title next month. This has apparently started a riff between the Dean brothers as an insider reported that there were heated words between Tyler and Tyson as the brothers left the venue following the taping.

MWO Hall of Famer Pure Fury Jeff Clouse will not be wrestling any time soon. PF is said to be suffering from a reoccurring back injury that has once again sidelined the popular superstar. Clouse is even rumored to be considering retirement following 20 years of in-ring action. Jeff has been seen around MWO venues but has been noticeably absent from recent live events. And with the upcoming Christmas Clash card taking shape, there is no plans to include Clouse on the show unless he fills in at commentary alongside Wolf Thompson. While PF has not formally said anything about retirement but there is a lot of speculation that could be a realistic option for the veteran fan favorite.

Could the Michigan Wrestling Organization be looking to expand or replace members of its broadcast team? Rumors are several organization officials are looking to establish a full-time partner alongside Wolf Thompson on live event tapings, such as MWO Championship Wrestling, annual supercards and future live broadcasts of Slammin’ Saturday Night on ONTV. Thompson has received mainly positive reviews in recent outings. Its unlikely that ring announcer Clint Williams will be moved to the commentary table because he has reinvented the role for MWO shows. Long-time MWO announcer Hal is an unlikely target, considering he has been tapped as the host of the newly-rebooted MWO Showdown on the MWO Network. Cody Leedy, who provided guest commentary on the most recent episode of MWO Championship Wrestling is not a serious option because, well, he’s still an active wrestler. It is worth mentioning that I noticed former MWO ring announcer PJ Schway was in attendance at the most recent network tapings, leaving some to wonder if he is looking to rejoin the promotion in the coming weeks.