Blackwell's MWO Title Win Caps Off First Live Event Of 2018

In what can be considered one of the most memorable first shows of the year for the promotion, the Michigan Wrestling Organization experienced an unprecedented change of power. From the very start of the show until the final bell, there was a renewed and energized atmosphere that dictated the aura inside the ONTV Studio in Lake Orion for a live broadcast of Slammin' Saturday Night.
      Fans could sense an immediate difference as soon as Slammin’ Saturday Night went on the air. Interim MWO Commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse stood alone in the ring holding the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship title belt. In a speech, Clouse announced he had stripped the Real Deal Michael Reaver of the title after Reaver was unable to fulfill his contractual obligations as champion. It was a stark contrast to what fans were expecting to see for the main event—an advertised title match with Reaver defending the MWO Championship against former titlist THEE Cody Leedy.
              During the course of the speech and attempting to announce how the vacancy of the title would be filled, PF was interrupted by the likes of Leedy, Victor Cross, the Creature Feature John Campbell, and The Uprising’s Cesar Ashur and manager Simon Paige, all of whom had thrown their names into the running for an opportunity to win the top prize in the organization. The interim commissioner then decided to have a six-pack elimination challenge in the main event to crown a new MWO Champion that would include Leedy, Cross, Campbell, and Ashur while adding Positive Promotions’ JJ Hughes and Blackwell to the match.
              At the sound of the opening bell, Ashur was immediately attacked by MWO Television champion A. Wicked, who responded to Cesar getting involved in Wicked’s title defense earlier in the night against Alex “The Cannonball” Steele. The two bitter rivals fought all the way to the dressing room area in the ONTV Studio. Cody was the first participant eliminated from the match, followed by the Creature Feature. Along the way, Ashur made his way back into the match. Hughes would literally be pulled from the match by Rex Havoc, who stormed the ringside area and targeted the “Main Attraction” while at the same time Laura Phoenix went after Mr. Positive. Blackwell, the biggest man in the ring was an obvious challenge for both Cross and Ashur. Eventually, Blackwell pinned Cross to continue his ongoing rivalry with his former Uprising partners. Cesar showed great determination and grit as he attempted to pull off a major upset and bring the championship back to the group that had it ripped away when Reaver was stripped of it. However, the power of Blackwell was too much for Ashur as the big mountain of a man stood alone in the ring as the new MWO Champion.
              As Slammin’ Saturday Night went off the air, it was clear that the Michigan Wrestling Organization was looking for make a big impact in its first event of 2018. And based on the response from all of the major developments, the mission was accomplished.

MWO fans were being treated to an upbeat backstage interview with MWO Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee, who expressed his excitement over the historic main event that had been made by interim MWO Commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse, despite a little disappointment of not being involved in the six-pack challenge. Just as Grizzlee was ending his interview with new announcer Albert, he was attacked by Stitches McVey, who had been released from the organization in the spring of 2017. Officials rushed to Bam’s aid after he was hit with a few objects, including the Great Lakes title belt. As Grizzlee laid on the floor, McVey simply walked out of ONTV Studio with no explanation. When asked about the attack after the show went off the air, PF confirmed that he had not signed or reinstated McVey and is going to be working with the Board of Officials to come up with a solution for this situation.

There was a noticeable increased aggressiveness with Alex “The Cannonball” Steele as he was looking to start 2018 with his own piece of history. Steele challenge MWO Television champion A. Wicked in one of the marquee matches on Slammin’ Saturday Night. The usually laid back Steele took several shots at Wicked when the champion was in a compromising position, usually with the referee’s back turned. Wicked was able to leave Lake Orion with the championship but only because Cesar Ashur had stormed the ring and first jumped Steele, giving “The Cannonball” a disqualification victory. Once the match was over, Ashur turned his attention to Wicked. The two had a hard fought match at Christmas Clash that saw Wicked defeat Cesar, who apparently is looking to secure a rematch with the TV champion.

A big match between X-Convict and Positive Promotions member Roberto Cruz broke down into an all-out war when Jack Teryn made an unscheduled appearance to continue his feud with X-Con, stemming from their match at Christmas Clash. On the receiving end of a two-on-one beatdown by Teryn and Cruz, X-Convict was aided by the help of the Darkstar Logan, who joined the fight. Senior referee Orville Hughson, once he was able to restore order, announced that a tag match would then take place. Teryn and Cruz worked well together, cutting the ring off and dictating the tempo of much of the match. However, following his pinfall on Teryn, X-Convict celebrated a big win with Logan before a great response from the fans in attendance.