In any entity that involves any kind of competition in an effort to rise above the rest and establish themselves as the top performer of their genre, the road to the top is as individual as a person’s fingerprints. Any champion will have a different path to the top spot than that of his or her successor or predecessor. Different challenges provided different results that put that person on a different path, often times when a person has reached the crossroads of their career. Currently in the Michigan Wrestling Organization, there is a new movement occurring that has the potential of making a major impact in the promotion’s tag team division. And at the helm is a man who is apparently to do or try anything in order to spread his message, albeit controversial, to the fans of the MWO.

         I appreciate the fact that Mike Goodman, P.I. is willing to look outside the box in order to become the voice of reason and a champion against conspiracies. His speech more or less ending his in-ring career as a wrestler and launching that as a manager indicated that Goodman was branching out in a new direction in hopes of establishing even more success for his tenure in the MWO. The fans, for whatever reason, do not rally behind the Private Investigator. The man comes out and tries his best to spread his message and open fans’ eyes to the conspiracy that is often riddling the organization. While he may not have been able to win the MWO Championship in his bid late last year, Goodman is setting new goals, one with unconventional means, that I think will really put his name up there with some of the great MWO managers in the past, including Bob Breckenridge, Cid Rain, and the late Dr. Tonei Black—all Hall of Famers.

              A lot of people believed that when Goodman stated he was going to lead the organization’s next great tag team to the championship, he was referring to the Clouse Brothers. After all, his first declaration was when Jason “the Basher” Clouse & Pure Fury Jeff Clouse were in the midst of making their plans to focus on the MWO Tag Team titles. However, in typical Mike Goodman fashion, he totally went into a different direction, one that was met initially with snickers of laughter and dismissal. To most everyone’s surprise, Goodman introduced Krysis and the Blue Marvel as the reunited Azul Warriors because, you know, they had such a prominent run in their first go around. The shocking part of the whole thing was the Marvel’s decision to align himself with Goodman. For years, the Marvel prided himself as the MWO’s resident Super Hero to the younger fans. While it provided some memorable moments for the Marvel (including brief stints with the Great Lakes and Television championships), it failed to really catapult the Marvel into the main title picture. Krysis, on the other hand, really needs Goodman’s influence and guidance. This poor guy hasn’t seen a main event, unless you count a couple appearances in Bunkhouse Brawl matches.

              So, the question is can Mike Goodman convert the Azul Warriors from laughing stocks to champions? Simply, yes he can. But it’s not going to happen overnight, and will likely require a sprinkle or two of luck. The aggressiveness that the Warriors displayed in their return match on March 5 against the Clouse Brothers was a good sign for those hoping to see Krysis and the Marvel become a legitimate contending team. Even the mild-mannered “Super Hero” was relentless on attacking the Basher’s knee. And it looks as if he’s grounded some of his top rope attack in favor of more of a ground game. And I have to admit, Krysis looked focused and determined for the first time in a long time. And even though they lost the match in Redford, the Warriors took a big step forward in their reunion match.

              The next few outings will be crucial for Goodman and his tag team, especially if they hope to be added to the WrestleRama 23 card coming up on Sunday, April 30 at Mazey Hall in Flint. The Azul Warriors are in a fortunate position to where they do not have to necessarily win every match, although in terms of rising in the ranks for a shot at the Tag Team championship every win matters. All they have to do is make a strong showing in their matches to let opponents, fans, and officials know that they are to be taken seriously. For Goodman, any success that the Azul Warriors see will be a direct result of his contributions to the team from a managerial standpoint. You know the old saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”? This is crunch time for the Blue Marvel and Krysis, as this could very well be their last opportunity at becoming bona fide superstars in the Michigan Wrestling Organization, and not just enhancement talent fed as sparring partners for another MWO superstar.  And if March 5 was any indication, then the organization’s tag team division had better take notice. Making the mistake of overlooking the Warriors could result in major upsets along the way that send them to the No.1 contenders spot in the division.

              They may not be in the advertised MWO Tag Team championship match at WrestleRama 23, but the Azul Warriors and Goodman are all keeping a close eye on the outcome, whether it’s the Sinister Prophets or the Clouse Brothers that leave Mazey Hall with the titles. And if things continue to improve for this trio, I will not be surprised if the Warriors are holding the belts by the time the calendar switches to 2018. You heard it here first.