EDITOR’S NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Michigan Wrestling Organization. Some content may not be suitable for all members of the family.

Some time ago, after having lunch with a member of the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s Board of Officials, I sat down and typed out a column on Williams’ Wisdom that pretty much told everyone that changes were coming. While the board member would not go into any specific detail at that time, I could tell by his demeanor and body language that something significant was on the horizon. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it would be the type of change that would affect the live product that is presented to the growing fan base of the MWO or just the roster of talent and support staff from a behind-the-scenes perspective. I’ve been covering the Michigan Wrestling Organization for a long time, dating back to the third or fourth year of the company’s existence. I’ve seen it all in this company; guys and gals come and go, big venues, small venues, great shows, downright crap shows. I’ve watched the MWO weather a barrage of consistent criticisms and just bold face lies in an effort to demean the MWO, its roster and everything it stands for.
              I’ve also heard that some sort of change is coming. It’s been a pretty regular occurrence since the early years of the organization. I was there in 1999, when a special roster meeting was held at the Lapeer County Center Building in which just about half of the talent roster was released from the company. That one move was either going to make or break the Michigan Wrestling Organization. Well, as history has shown, that it was the best course of action for the future of the company despite the fact that it took a little while to finally gain some traction and make positive strives forward. Going into that fateful day in 1999, just a couple of weeks removed from WrestleRama V, I knew what was coming. The writing was on the wall during that particular WrestleRama that something had to change or the company was done for.
              I’m not going into a long history of the MWO and all the changes we’ve seen over the course of 20-plus years. We’re all aware of how factions like Badd Blood, the Power Trip, the Awesome Alliance, and the XBW invaders changed the course of history. I’m not going to go into the power regimes of figureheads like James “Smiley” Byrd, Damon Grey, THEE Cody Leedy, or the late, great Dr. Tonei Black. But I will say, like in 1999, I could see the winds of change start to pick up, especially when then-CEO Ryan “Frostbite” Kidwell starting to become noticeably absent as the majority of live events. So when Kidwell announced he was stepping down as the CEO of the organization, I wasn’t a least bit surprised. In fact, I expected it.
              There was a great deal of concern among the MWO roster when officials announced that they were planning a State of the MWO meeting on Sept. 17. No one really knew what was going to be addressed or if any of the current roster members were on the chopping block. All that was said prior to the meeting was that the Board of Officials were going to make announcements that would “change the landscape of the Michigan Wrestling Organization from the inside out.” I was fortunate to be asked to be at the Richfield Road Church when a flurry of information was dumped on the roster. There are some things that I cannot, per the board members, discuss in great detail until they themselves make the formal public announcements. But I can say that this is a great time to be affiliated with the MWO. Because, as advertised, a new chapter is about to begin for this promotion and people in it and those who support it.
              One concept I’m really anxious to discuss when it is formally revealed is this thing called the Division Challenge Series. I assume its okay to mention it considering that the logo for the DCS has been released on this website. I think it has the potential to really light a fire under some of the guys’ asses in order for them to fulfill their potential of becoming a big name superstar.
              Like most everyone else, I’m curious to see what the Board of Officials decides to do in filling the vacancies of the Chief Executive Official and/or Commissioner. Certainly there is a game plan not to let the inmates running the asylum. Can you imagine if someone like Mr. Positive or Simon Paige was calling the shots? It would be beneficial for their respective factions, but how would that relate to the other 80% of the MWO roster?
              The major story coming out of the State of the MWO meeting has yet to be publically announced, but when it does, it will be celebrated by those who support this company and condemned by those who criticize it. But at the end of the day, it’s going to be a major factor in the future of the Michigan Wrestling Organization. And when that announcement is made, you can expect an in-depth column on what that one particular announcement means to this company. It truly will be, as advertised, the start of a new chapter in the expanding book of MWO history.

The Division Challenge Series is coming to the MWO soon