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Sunday, April 28th @ 4:00 PM
150 S. Leroy St. Fenton, MI 48430
ADMISSION: $10.00 at the Door or
Get the
TAG TEAM TICKET for $15.00

which includes admission to the MWO Awards & Hall of Fame Ceremony on April 27

Currently sitting atop the Michigan Wrestling Organization as its Heavyweight Champion is Old School Ric Caurdiea, having held the title since winning a grueling triple threat match at SummerSmash last August. Now, on the biggest stage that the MWO has to offer, Caurdiea is now the hunted as three challengers will attempt to dethrone the organization kingpin at WrestleRama 25. Initially, the MWO was set to witness a competitive match between Hoss Fight partners Caurdiea and Bam Grizzlee, who had earned his title shot by winning the 2019 Bunkhouse Brawl match in February. Immediately after Grizzlee’s victory, he and “Old School” were joined by The Takeover’s Archduke Jeremiah J. Hughes. It was then that Hughes had announced he was cashing in his guaranteed title shot contract he had won at Christmas Clash this past December at WrestleRama, making the main event a triple threat. As if the MWO Champion didn’t have enough to worry about, a third contender was able to insert himself into the match by controversial means. The Superstar Alex Crow, Caurdiea’s most despised rival and leader of the Scum of the Earth faction, had used a contractual loophole to secure his spot in the main event of the most anticipated event in organization history. With the elimination format made for this match, he who holds the belt up high after the match is over will have earned his spot as the flagbearer of the MWO, a position that Ric Caurdiea has excelled at against all odds. Should he be able to retain the title, Caurdiea would have to be considered among the best MWO heavyweight champs in recent memory.

Rex Havoc has done just about all there is to do in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. A member of the MWO Hall of Fame, the “Lone Wolf” has had several title runs, including the MWO Championship, Tag Team, and Television titles during his tenure with the organization. The only accolade that has eluded Havoc is the one that is currently situated around the waist of Roberto Cruz, a member of The Takeover and considered to be one of the organization’s next main event superstars. Under the tutelage of former announcer-turned-manager Jordan J. Scavone, Cruz has enjoyed the greatest success since arriving to the MWO a few years ago. Over the past year, including finally winning the MWO Great Lakes championship, Cruz has become a major player in the organization by mixing it up with biggest names in the promotion. He will have to put in an all-star type performance if Roberto hopes to retain the title. A determined and focused Rex Havoc is as tough to beat as anyone in the organization. In his mind, Havoc has a lot to prove as he continues his comeback from a reoccurring knee injury. As he sets his sights on becoming the latest member of the promotion’s Grand Slam Club—having held every sanctioned MWO title—Rex can focus virtually solely on Cruz, as he has ample backup in form of not only his loyal fan base, but also his long-time partner Laura Phoenix, who has taken great exception with the controversial actions of Cruz, Scavone, and the rest of The Takeover.

Much like MWO Champion Ric Caurdiea, the popular tandem of THEE Cody Leedy & Blackwell will have the deck stacked against them when they defend their Michigan Wrestling Organization Tag Team championship in a fatal four-way match that will see three contending duos vie for the biggest prize in the division on the biggest stage offered by the promotion. The Commission, Valor Society, and former tag champs the Dean Boys are all looking to make history at WrestleRama 25. The only former championship duo is the team that is the biggest underdog going into the match. Tyler and Tyson have made a career out of defying the odds. Their budding rivalry with the Valor Society has started an undercurrent of dissension in the division. As the Deans and Valor Society know their path to the titles goes through the other, The Commission is picking up right where they left before missing a few live events due to prior obligations and have the opportunity to truly turn the tag team division upside down. Jaxon Kade & Lexx Vegas have acquired quite the following in the MWO and are considered perhaps the most serious threat to the title reign of “Pope-n-Friends.” As The Commission make their return and the Deans contend with the Society, Blackwell and Leedy have forged a strong tag team after a lengthy feud between the two. Under the watchful eye of fan favorite Pope Brandon Brownson, the reigning Tag Team champions are a powerful force that is occupying the top spot in the tag division. And it will take a great team to dethrone the titlists. But that’s the one thing the other tandems do have in common—they’re all great.

The MWO Television championship match scheduled for WrestleRama 25 is as personal as it gets. The rivalry between Pure Fury Jeff Clouse and Jaysen Platinum crosses the line between professional and personal conflicts, and on April 28, both PF and the “Ghetto Superstar” will have a pretty big stage to bring their feud full circle. Since winning the MWO TV title, Clouse has followed a recent trend by offering open challenges during recent live events. During the recent Slammin’ Saturday Night episode on ONTV, PF said he would have another open challenge at WrestleRama after a title defense against X-Convict. The challenge was violently answered by Platinum, who stormed the ring from the front entrance of the studio and left the two-time TV champion lying on the mat at the end of the broadcast. It was the first time Platinum had been in an MWO ring after an extremely heated and controversial exchange between the “Ghetto Superstar” and the Clouse brothers that had become physical. While it was speculated that officials—specifically CEO Jason “The Basher” Clouse—were reluctant to sanction a PF-Platinum match at WrestleRama 25. However at the insistence of the champion, the match was made for the supercard at the Fenton Community Center. And it will be the one match that officials of the organization will be keeping a close eye on.

 The saga between X-Convict and Skullz has reached legendary status in terms of length and the core hatred between these two tag team championship partners. Since ending their Dead X tag team with the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” forming his Disciples of Darkness army, the X-Con/Skullz war is about to come to an end on April 28. In a match that could go anywhere within the Fenton Community Center, these two superstars will collide in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Another layer to this feud is the recent conflict between Disciples manager Tragedy Ann and MWO Hall of Famer Angelique, manager of X-Convict. Angelique’s shocking return last fall rattled the Disciples of Darkness, especially after she had taken the infamous doll that had become synonymous with Tragedy Ann, and a source of her ominous power. WrestleRama 25 will be the third match in their recent trifecta of supercard showdowns, each collecting a controversial victory over the other. In a match where there is no disqualification or countouts, there is certain to be a definitive winner in this feud. During the course of the rivalry, X-Convict and the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” have not been able to really move up the ladder. That will surly change at the end of this match on April 28.