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The rivalry between Old School Ric Caurdiea and The Superstar Alex Crow has achieved legendary status among rivalries in the history of the Michigan Wrestling Organization. And while their upcoming battle for the MWO Championship title at Trick-or-Slam may not be the first encounter in their epic feud, but it may go down as the most important one. Caurdiea comes into the Richfield Road Church riding an unprecedented wave of momentum that culminated with his stunning title win over defending titlist Jacob Brawn and Crow in the triple threat main event at SummerSmash in August. The challenger, on the other hand, is preparing for what could be one of his last opportunities at the MWO Title and may be starting to feel a sense of desperation.
         Their clashes for the MWO Great Lakes championship spanned the better part of two years and highlighted supercards such as WrestleRama 22 and Slam-a-Thon. And with each match, both competitors learns more about the other. Where Caurdiea has the upper hand—not including the championship advantage of only having to be pinned or tapped out to lose the title—is the experience factor. “Old School” has made a name for himself all over the Mid-West with many other promotions and he has used that resume to finally climb to the top of the MWO. Caurdiea is also one of the strongest wrestlers in the MWO and has the ability to pummel an opponent into the mat.
         With unsuccessful MWO Championship matches at WrestleRama 24 and SummerSmash, the Superstar must now shift his focus on Caurdiea, instead of his on-going war with former tag team partner Brawn. Crow has quietly maintained his position as a top-ranked contender and solidified his title shot in the ring against other championship hopefuls. While he flourished in the Great Lakes division, winning multiple titles, Crow has had trouble landing the big one. And when it looks as if the Superstar is closing in the belt, one wrong move or some sort of distraction thwarts Crow’s chance at history. In order to dethrone “Old School,” Crow must be as focused as he’s ever been and keep the stronger champion on the mat as much as possible.

     There are multiple layers of conflict that has led to the signing of this year’s installment of the 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match that has traditionally been a centerpiece of Trick-or-Slam for over a decade now. With all of the combustible elements and the star power on both teams in this match, this could be the hardest-fought elimination match in the supercard’s two-decade long history.
              Beginning this past spring, an army was being formed without any one knowing about it until it was too late. Created by Michigan Wrestling Organization legend Skullz and managed by Tragedy Ann, the Disciples of Darkness began to take shape with the recruitment of Jack Teryn & Victor Cross. Coming right out of the gate, the Disciples scored gold when they dominated the Dean Boys to capture the MWO Tag Team titles at Slam-a-Thon. After that match, Teryn and Cross seized Tyson Dean and have apparently manipulated the once popular superstar into becoming a methodical attacker. Obviously distraught by his brother’s condition since being forced to join the faction, Tyler had set off to wage a one man war against the Disciples of Darkness. However, he found allies in the form of Blackwell & THEE Cody Leedy, the top contenders to the tag titles and frequent rivals to reigning champs Teryn and Pure Fury Jeff Clouse (who won the injured Cross’s share of the tag titles with a SummerSmash win over Cody and Blackwell).
              It wasn’t until the Sept. 30 live event at the MWO Studio that the ultra popular Creature Feature John Campbell become involved when he was the latest superstar to be attacked by the Disciples of Darkness. An all-out melee was culminated when the announcement of the elimination tag match was made, much to delight of the MWO fans in attendance. While the Disciples may have an advantage in terms of camaraderie, the opposing side is united by vengeance and is poised to use the Halloween-themed backdrop of the event to help catapult their momentum to an all-important victory.