The Michigan Wrestling Organization revealed a bold idea for its next supercard offering, scheduled for June. In a press release sent to MWO News, it was announced that the 2018 Slam-a-Thon event will be an internet-exclusive show that will only be made available on the MWO Network in an on-demand capacity beginning Sunday, June 24.
              In addition to the surprise announcement concerning the promotion of the event, several big matches have also been confirmed, including the superstars who will take part in the traditional eight-man single elimination tournament that is the centerpiece of the entire event. Two championship matches and two other bouts to determine top-ranked contenders have been added as special attractions aside from the Slam-a-Thon Tournament. Here is a look at the matches scheduled to take place at this historic supercard.



There is a documented history between Michigan Wrestling Organization Champion Jacob Brawn and Jason “the Basher” Clouse, dating back to last year when the two were on opposing sides of a heated tag team rivalry that netted a Feud of the Year domination for the year-end awards. But Slam-a-Thon marks the first one-on-one meeting between Brawn and the Basher at a supercard. But with the MWO Championship on the line, this match is one that all die hard organization fans will be watching with great investment.
              Since winning his second MWO Title in February, Brawn has maintained his position on top of the promotion with a number of key wins, including his title defense against bitter rival Alex Crow and the opportunist Ric Caurdiea at WrestleRama 24. Amidst his impressive run with the MWO, Jacob has also gained a reputation as one of the hardest working wrestlers on the independent scene. His evolvement from a singing afterthought to main event superstar has been an incredible ride to watch, and with his success, Brawn has gained a great deal of confidence. Especially since he acquired the managerial services of Jessica Monroe, who has been instrumental in Brawn’s solo success.
              At Slam-a-Thon, Brawn will defend his championship against the one who the title had been synonymous with since the inception of the promotion in 1994. But make no mistake about it, the Basher is as much of a threat today as he was in the early eras of the organization. After a lengthy stretch as a tag team competitor, Clouse is back in the hunt for his first heavyweight title in four years. His WrestleRama 24 win over the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown elevated the Basher back into MWO Title contention and he intends to make the most of it. However, Clouse may be at a disadvantage with Monroe—who has been a thorn in the Basher’s side for the last several months—who will likely be at ringside looking to help Brawn in any way she can to keep him on top.



The tag team division in the Michigan Wrestling Organization received quite the shock at WrestleRama 24 when we witnessed the formation of the Disciples of Darkness under the leadership of Skullz and Tragedy Ann. Little did anyone anticipate how fast the macabre faction would start their path of domination. Immediately after WrestleRama, Tragedy Ann sent Jack Teryn and Victor Cross right after the other tandems in the organization.
              At Redemption on May 6, Teryn and Cross defeated the Valor Society to become the No.1 contenders to the MWO Tag Team Championship, setting this Slam-a-Thon match with the Dean Boys. No one expected the Disciples to make such a quick impact on the title scenes in the MWO. With Teryn & Cross’s win at Redemption, it solidified the fact that Tragedy Ann and the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” are looking for immediate domination. On their own, Teryn and Cross have been two of the most powerful stars in the MWO. Teryn, under the management of Aksel James Geer, came close to winning the MWO Championship a couple of times in the last year. Cross is a former MWO Television champion, who he knows what it’s like to have championship success. As a tandem, the Disciples of Darkness have made their intentions known and it’s going to take a formidable duo to stop their momentum.
              Tyler & Tyson Dean have made a career out of thwarting other teams’ momentum. Despite being smaller in stature compared to other tag teams in the MWO, the Dean Boys have found ways to defeat their favored opponents in a tough road that eventually led to their capturing of the Tag Team titles. The champions are no strangers to having to compete against much larger opponents. They defended the championships against Hoss Fight, the tandem of Adrian Anderson and Fat Tony Caurdiea, at the Bunkhouse Brawl. While the match ended in a disqualification, it solidified the fact that the Deans can hold their own if they can dictate the tempo of the match. A quicker-paced match will benefit Tyler and Tyson more if they can wear down the Disciples. The longer the match goes, the better the odds for the Deans to retain the MWO Tag Team titles.


One of the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s hottest rivalries in the last decade will reignite at Slam-a-Thon when Old School Ric Caurdiea will battle the Superstar Alex Crow, with the winner claiming the No.1 contenders spot in the MWO Championship title ratings. Given that stipulation, this chapter in the Caurdiea-Crow feud may the biggest one of this ongoing saga between two of the brightest talents in the organization.
              The roots of this feud trace back to January 2016, when Crow unseated “Old School” as the MWO Great Lakes Champion in the Superstar’s organization debut. Subsequent showdowns at WrestleRama 22 and the 2016 Slam-a-Thon put Caurdiea and Crow—and the Great Lakes title for that matter—in the MWO spotlight as some of the most anticipated matches of the year. Once the rivalry settled down and both superstars engaged in other career paths, it seemed as the animosity had somewhat subsided. That was until WrestleRama 24 in April when Crow watched his MWO Championship opportunity come to an end when Caurdiea attempted to cash in his guaranteed title shot contract and was pinned by defending titlist Jacob Brawn. Crow blames “Old School” for the fact that Brawn still remains champion and believes his deserves another title shot. Caurdiea, on the other hand, feels he should get a one-on-one title match with Brawn despite the fact he was unsuccessful in a triple threat format.
              A lot has happened since the first rush in the Caurdiea-Crow feud. Caurdiea shifted his focus from the Great Lakes title picture and has set his sights on the MWO Championship title, much to the delight of his loyal fan base. The Superstar is no longer the obnoxious and conceited wrestler that belittled the fan base. Since he was attacked by Brawn to end their Bromance tag team, fans have rallied behind Crow and supported his efforts to win the 2018 Bunkhouse Brawl match. But the one thing that remains the same is the level of competitiveness that exists between the two wrestlers. And whether it’s Crow or Caurdiea, the heavyweight title picture will be something to keep on an eye heading into the summer.


With a shot at the Michigan Wrestling Organization Tag Team Championship during SummerSmash in August on the line, every conceivable tag team will compete in the first-ever Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the next top-ranked contenders and probable challengers in the title match at the annual summer supercard.
              Teams such as Hoss Fight, the Valor Society, and Rex Havoc & Laura Phoenix will be joined by a new crop of contenders including the formal Uprising unit of the Real Deal Michael Reaver & Brother Will Vendetta along with THEE Cody Leedy & Blackwell, who have also thrown their names into the ring in hopes of becoming the next new team to really make a splash in the tag team division, in a way following the footsteps of the Disciples of Darkness, who bulldozed their way to a title shot at Slam-a-Thon. Both members of the team have to be eliminated over the top rope to the floor to disqualify them from contending for the belts. The last team or team representative standing will be declaired the winner and the No.1 contenders to the tag straps.


Eight of the top Michigan Wrestling Organization superstars will compete in the annual Slam-a-Thon Tournament, where the winner will surely etch his name into the history books. As of press time, there has been no indication on what the winner will recieve. Ordinarily, a shot at the MWO Championship at SummerSmash is the prize. However, officially there has been no announcement on what is on the line this year. What is known is that a first-time tournament winner will be crowned. No superstar in this year's tournament has ever won the Slam-a-Thon Tournament, guaranteeing a truly historic moment for one of these superstars. Powerhouses like the Darkstar Logan and triple crown champion Creature Feature John Campbell could be considered odds-on-favorites to win the tournament. But other in-ring technitions like Positive Promotions partners the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown and JJ Hughes could also be a major force in the competition. Superstars like Roberto Cruz, The Uprising's Cesar Ashur, and the Cannonball Alex Steele are all looking for their big break into the title picture and a tournament win at Slam-a-Thon would definitely put them into title contention. The one guy with the biggest target on his back may be Bam Grizzlee, the ultra-popular grappler that currently has possession of both the MWO Great Lakes and Television Championships. He will have a lot to prove as he returns to the event that saw him become a breakout star a couple years ago.