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Fans Encouraged To Bring Their Own Chairs


vs. The Superstar ALEX CROW

Michigan Wrestling Organization Champion Jacob Brawn has had a well-documented list of title defenses he has racked up since winning his second heavyweight title reign at the Bunkhouse Brawl this past February. When it seems that luck has run out on “Evil Dirty,” he finds a way to emerge victorious against a top-ranked, and in some cases, a heavily-favored challenger. At SummerSmash, Brawn finds himself at a disadvantage when he defends against two of his top contenders in a triple threat main event on August 11th at the Sprint Store in Davison.
      Challenging Brawn will be two superstars who have been on the hunt for the organization’s top prize for quite some time, although their individual roads have been a long and winding one for them both. Long-time rivals the Superstar Alex Crow—former tag team partner of Brawn—and Old School Ric Caurdiea have both been announced as challengers in this match that puts the reigning champion at a major disadvantage. Brawn does not have to be involved in the decision to lose the title. However, in Crow’s case, he is focused almost exclusively on “Evil Dirty” stemming from the shocking betrayal that ended their tag team last fall. However, Caurdiea could not care who he has to pin or make tap out, he just wants to be the MWO Champion no matter what. A match with Crow at Slam-a-Thon did not establish a No.1 contender, but “Old School” is still in the hunt for the MWO Championship title, the missing piece of Caurdiea’s quest to be a triple crown champion. The opportunistic Brawn is as intelligent as he is strong and will likely have a master plan in place. He’s going to need one if he hopes to retain the championship against his top two challengers.

BAM GRIZZLEE (c) vs. “Main Attraction” JJ HUGHES

The rivalry between MWO Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee and the “Main Attraction” JJ Hughes has stemmed for many many months and has now engulfed its second title division. With his title on the line, Grizzlee is determined to once and for all eliminate Hughes from his list of contenders all looking to knock off the popular “Hick from the Sticks” when they compete in a highly-anticipated match at SummerSmash in Davison on August 11.
       Previous installments of this rivalry have often stolen the shows on which they competed. The turning point for these two up and coming main event players may be traced back to WrestleRama 23, when Bam eliminated the “Main Attraction” in a battle royal to win the MWO Television title. Their rematch at Redemption 2017 saw JJ pick up a major victory to get back on track. Now, in the Great Lakes division, where Grizzlee has dominated since Trick-or-Slam last October, Hughes is focused on securing his second different organization title. Under the Positive Promotions umbrella, Hughes has been on the rise, but as of late he is determined to prove to everyone he can make it to the top without outside interference from manager Mr. Positive or his Promotions partners. Bam is arguably the most popular wrestler in the MWO right now, but it’s going to take a lot more than cheers to help Grizzlee defeat the confident “Main Attraction.”


Two teams known for power will clash at the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s hottest event of the year for the MWO Tag Team championship when the newly-formed duo of THEE Cody Leedy & Blackwell will challenge Disciples of Darkness members Jack Teryn & Victor Cross. And although the road to SummerSmash for these two teams has been a short one, it has not been without its share of controversy.
       Blackwell and Leedy, former rivals and opponents at last year’s SummerSmash event, earned their title opportunity by winning a tag team battle royal at Slam-a-Thon in June. Critics wondered if Blackwell and Cody could put aside their differences in order to gel as a cohesive unit, but those questions were answered when they emerged as the top-ranked contenders in the tag team division. Later in the card at Slam-a-Thon, the Disciples of Darkness dominated the Dean Boys to win the championship, with Cross and Teryn securing the belts for the ominous faction. The challengers gained early momentum by being on the winning side of a six-man tag team match during the live event at Soberfest at the Union City Field in Flint. A week later, during the MWO No Holds Barred event in Battle Creek, Teryn would shift the momentum back to the champions’ side when he beat Blackwell in a one-on-one match and used a sledgehammer to badly injure the hand of the monster powerhouse. On August 11, it will be a level playing field in theory when these two tandems square off for one of the biggest tag title matches in SummerSmash history.

JASON “The Basher” CLOUSE vs. The Fabulous SCOTTY FRAYTOWN

The most heated feud in 2018 may be the ongoing conflict between Jason “The Basher” Clouse and the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown, two wrestlers who are as complete opposites as any two rivals that have waged war in the Michigan Wrestling Organization in quite some time. While most assumed the feud concluded with Clouse’s victory over Fraytown at WrestleRama 24, they have since learned it was only the beginning of a very personal conflict between the two.
       The latest shot that intensified the feud came at No Holds Barred when the Fabulous One made his presence felt in the Basher’s Television title defense and subsequent title loss to the Cannonball Alex Steele on July 22. Just weeks earlier, Fraytown’s interference led to Clouse’s defeat to MWO champion Jacob Brawn at Slam-a-Thon. Shortly after the Basher lost the TV title, he returned to ringside and got into a brawl with Fraytown that costed Scotty an important match against Alex Crow and Codename Omega. Interim commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse added a stipulation to a match that the Basher had demanded: another one-on-one match with Fraytown. However, in an effort to culminate the feud, PF has ordered that Clouse and Fraytown will compete in a 2-out-of-3 Fall Match at SummerSmash. One man will have to score two victories over the other to determine a true winner in this heated feud.


Now in his second reign as MWO Television champion, albeit under controversial circumstances due to the assistance of his twin brother the Package Andrew Steele, the popular Cannonball Alex Steele says that he will issue an open challenge to any organization superstar who wants a shot at his title. Alex is still clearing the cobwebs of controversy that surrounded his title win over Jason “The Basher” Clouse at No Holds Barred, but he feels that if he retains his title against an opponent he has no time to prepare for, he will have solidified his spot as one of the true champions in the title division’s short history. Who will step up to accept the Cannonball’s open challenge at SummerSmash?

Creature Feature JOHN CAMPBELL vs.
ROBERTO CRUZ w/ Positive Promotions

The MWO No Holds Barred event on July 22 saw a lot of historic and unpredictable moments. It was also the starting point for the road to SummerSmash for the Creature Feature John Campbell and Positive Promotions’ Roberto Cruz, who will go one-on-one in Davison on August 11 in what should be a physical match between two powerful superstars.
       Campbell had just been defeated by MWO champion Jacob Brawn in the main event of the Battle Creek event when Cruz, who was sitting near ringside watching the championship match, said something to the Creature Feature that resulted in Campbell jumping Cruz as the two wrestlers erupted into a fight. As both competitors have been jockeying for position in the championship picture, it was inevitable that their paths would cross. The parking lot of the Sprint store in Davison will reportedly be the site of their first one on one match at a major supercard. Campbell is reaching a level of desperation to maintain his position as one of the top contenders to the MWO heavyweight crown. Cruz had been focusing on the Great Lakes title as of late, but his interest in the Brawn-Campbell match at No Holds Barred indicates that he may be setting his sights on bigger goals. A victory over the former MWO champion at SummerSmash would raise the stock of Cruz in any division. The Creature Feature, at least in his mind (and probably that of his mascot, Frankenbucket), is in a must-win situation as he has lost twice to JJ Hughes in consecutive supercards earlier this year. Will his road to redemption begin at Cruz’s expense at SummerSmash?


Interim commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse said in the beginning of his tenure in the front office that he would make competitive matches that fans would want to see. One of the matches he sanctioned for this year’s SummerSmash supercard at Davison’s Sprint Store on August 11 certainly fits that bill.
      The confident upstart Cesar Ashur, currently competing under the management of The Uprising’s Simon Paige, has said that he is a future champion and that he is above every other superstar in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. While Ashur has demonstrated remarkable talent as he continues to improve with every outing in the ring, he has struggled to gain a lot of traction in the Great Lakes title division. He was hoping a strong outing at SummerSmash would elevate his standing in the organization. To his surprise, it was announced that Cesar would be competing against the Darkstar Logan, one of the most dominating wrestlers in the MWO. Logan, a former MWO Tag Team championship co-holder, has been on a roll since making his return to the organization. And with a strong fan following, the Darkstar will be coming in as the crowd favorite when he steps into the ring against what will surely be a very game Cesar Ashur, who has been impressive in his matches at MWO supercards. The higher the pressure, the better Ashur seems to perform. But he’ll have to be at his best if he hopes to upset Logan at one of the MWO’s biggest annual events that is SummerSmash.