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Bunkhouse Brawl Scheduled To Be 
First Live MWO Event Of 2020

With its 25th year of operation now in the rearview mirror, the Michigan Wrestling Organization officials are now setting their sights on the start of another calendar decade. With 2020 on the horizon, the organization caused quite a stir among roster members, support staff, and its fan base when they revealed that the first advertised live event of the new year wouldn’t be until February 9, when the organization presents the Bunkhouse Brawl supercard from its home venue of the Richfield Road Church in Flint.
              In a preshow staff meeting, the MWO superstars were told that the emphasis of the new year will be establishing a stronger home base, with the majority of their scheduled live events taking place at the Flint-based church, as well as quarterly stops in Lake Orion for live broadcasts of MWO Slammin’ Saturday Night on Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV).
              “We felt that with our agreement with the Richfield Road Church, we really want to establish our product with the church and present our current fans a must-see product while attracting new fans to the organization, and hopefully expanded membership for the church.” said MWO Commissioner Simon Paige, “That’s not to say that we won’t explore new venues for our shows, but it won’t be a top priority as focusing on Richfield.”
              One of the questions raised was if the MWO was planning on returning to Fremont, Indiana in an expanded agreement with the Zion Missionary Church, which brough the promotion to the Hoosier State this past June for a historic Slam-a-Thon supercard at the Fremont Middle School.
              “If the Zion (Missionary) Church is interested in bringing the MWO back to Fremont, then obviously we will do everything we can to make that happen,” answered MWO chief executive official Jason “the Basher” Clouse, “We had an incredible event in Fremont last summer, and I would welcome the opportunity to return to Fremont.”
              The MWO’s focus on promoting events at the Richfield Road Church will likely result in several supercards being held at the gym. The announcement of the Bunkhouse Brawl marking the promotion’s 2020 debut in February and the likelihood that Christmas Clash will once again close out the year there almost guarantees at least two supercards will be presented at Richfield. ONTV could see another supercard broadcast after the success that Trick-or-Slam brought to the community access station this past October. SummerSmash could be a viable option as executive producers with ONTV and with the organization have expressed a lot of interest in staging another outdoor broadcast sometime this coming summer.
              “Having an outdoor TV and internet broadcast is something we’re very active in looking into,” said ONTV producer and MWO Hall of Famer Tim Williams, “It’s been a few years since our last outdoor show (at ONTV Studio), and I think we could do some amazing things with the advances in both our equipment and the overall MWO product.”
              The delay in the MWO’s first event of the new year gives the production team an unprecedented amount of time to create and release new content for the MWO Network, the official YouTube channel of the organization. Senior director and editor-in-chief Melvin Pratt has confirmed that two network specials are in the works and are scheduled for January premieres. One of those shows is rumored to be an announcement show that will reveal the nominations of the MWO Achievement Awards, and possibly the first of several Hall of Fame induction announcements for 2020.

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