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Thank you for stopping by and taking a minute out of your valuable time to be with us. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and tell you of Our wonderful goals of Burnsbooks. I am Achiyah-Alfonso Burney, Actor, Stunt Performer, and Author/Publisher of Burnsbooks Publishing. Also, I am the Screenwriter of the Action /Drama Films, BRANDON'S RUN, and PALLADIUM FILES as well as Science-Fiction Films, THE BIRTHRIGHT, and THE 'Y' FACTOR.

Our Headquarters of Operations is in Miami Gardens, Florida. We are Established in Charlotte, North Carolina, and New Castle, Delaware. We are now operating Our Services in Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, bringing those cities in accord with our facilities in Atlanta/Loganville/Fayetteville and Riverdale, Georgia. I Am Proud of this Exciting Company and proud of being a part of this exciting venture as well. I see potential growth in the future of Burnsbooks, and extremely proud of leading this outstanding Organization in its future endeavors. I hope you enjoy yourselves as you peruse our website. I hope that we can make this an exciting experience. Please contact either myself or any of our excellent Friendly Customer Service Representatives, as we look forward to serving your every need.

Again, thanks for visiting Burnsbooks Publishing. We'd like to add that we have over 85,000 sites linked to Burnsbooks Publishing, and over 790,000 readers, companies, book clubs, bookstores, agencies, and vendors who read our publications. 

With this Company in Operation, We also seek to bring aboard Our T-Shirt Company, Posi-Tshirts Printing, along with Our Professional Bodyguard-Protection Service, Ultimate Sovereignty, our REO Landscape Property Service, Hori-Sun REO Property Service, and of course, Our Film Company, Sovereign One Filmworks.

 You may contact me personally at 404-354-6082



as Always, Continue to Show The Love On A Daily Basis

Praise Yahweh! 


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