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From U.V. light disinfection, to reverse osmosis and or just a water sediment filter. Molino Plumbing & Heating LLC can suit your water conditioning needs.



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  Most do not know the signs of having hard water in their home or the effects that hard water can have on the plumbing system in your home.

Below are some great examples:

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1. Due to build up of calcium on washers, seats, and in valves, plumbing faucets will drip and leak.

2. When calcium builds up on the inside of water piping, this can result in reduced water pressure throughout your home, and through your plumbing fixtures.

3. Hard water can also effect the finish of your plumbing fixtures permanently.

Although Hard Water effects your plumbing system, it also discolors you laundry, and clogs appliances with calcium deposits, for example:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Faucets
  • Toilets

Hard Water Table

If you are encountering any of the symptoms above, you may want to have your water tested to determine if you have hard water. Use the table below to analyze your results. (numbers in table represent grains per gallon)


 Less than 1.0    =  Soft Water
 1.0-3.5              =  Slightly Hard Water
 3.5-7.0              =  Moderatly Hard Water
 7.0-10.5            =  Hard Water
 Over 10.5          =  Very Hard Water





 Ph of 7.0 = Neutral

 PH Less Than 7 = Acidic

A properly installed water softener and sediment filter will correct your hard water and sediment problems. Installing a softener is essential to avoid hard water related issues and to extend the life of your plumbing equipment.

Give us a call, to have a water anaylisis done, we test for Grains Hard, Iron and Ph levels.