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Loose Ends — paintings without a category
This page is a site for paintings that do not fit a specific file.
They were done strictly on creative urges that had to be satisfied.
The four comic book covers are classics, painted in oils, copied
from reproductions of the originals. I was a kid during the 1930s
and 40s when comics zoomed to popularity. My first desires to draw
came from the comics and superheroes. These four paintings
are my tribute to those  artists. They are , of course, not for sale.
The copies of two Van Gogh paintings are my way of applauding
this tragic genius. Perhaps not the most technically proficient artist that
ever lived but he was certainly one with the greatest soul. 

Superman cover, oil — 20" x 24"

Captain Marvel, oil —  20" x 24"

Captain America, oil — 20" x 24"

Batman, oil — 20" 24"

Korean War Kids, oil on masonite — 28" x 37" — Painted from various magazine photos after the war.

Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, oil — 36" x 48" — When I copied this painting
I appreciated the genius he truly was.

Tribute to Vincent — Langlois Bridge at Arles, oil — 24" x 30" — When I copied this work I was amazed
that Vincent's painting was not only startling with vibrant color but technically accurate.
He painted this outdoors, without the equipment I had, and got the bridge perfect...freehand.

This is a composite painting rendered from a few photos I took in nearby towns. It was for
 the cover of an annual report for an insurance company with their theme — "Main Street USA"

The only abstract I've done, oil — 20" x 40" — ˆ I have no opinion of this endeavor. Maybe you do.