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Painting  birds in oil and watercolor
One of my favorite subjects to paint is birds. There are many sources from
which to gather research material. I rely mainly on books and photos.
I create sketches with colors to complement the birds,
many of whom have startling colors. I use oils for larger paintings
and gouache (opaque watercolor)  for smaller paintings.
I pay absolute strict attention to detail.
I have never met anyone yet who was not fascinated by the action
and liveliness of color in bird paintings.

         Spectacled Eider, gouache
   American Merganser, gouache
       American Bald Eagle, oil

   Barrow's Golden Eye, gouache

    American Bald Eagle, oil
                 Pintails, gouache

   Gaggle of Canada Geese, oil

   Blue Winged Teals, gouache
          Canadian Geese, oil

     Loons with passenger, oil

     Cardinals in Winter, oil
       Seagull, oil