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Wildlife paintings—mostly in oils
wildlife is, in my estimation, probably the most difficult
subject to tackle. It entails a lot of research, a lot of practice
and perseverance. Attention to detail, background, color and structure
of the animal are foremost. I work at this subject primarily in oil. When painting
birds I prefer watercolor. I research in a variety of ways;
libraries, magazines, and when possible, I photograph the subject.
The snow leopard  was gracious enough  to pose for me at the Bronx Zoo.
The wolves were sketched and painted from The Museum of Natural History
in New York City, as were some of the paintings of moose.

Wolves attacking moose — painted for cover of my novel, Alpha Male. Oil — 36" x 48"

A lone wolf stalking a moose — oil — 30" x 36"

Thirsty moose — oil — 36" x 48" — an award winner.

Call of the elk — oil — 30" x 36"

Moonlight moose — oil — 24"  x 30"

Sunset moose — oil — 24"  x 30"

Snow Leopard — oil — 24" x 36"

Buffalo herd — oil on masonite — 22" x 33"

Grizzly meets arrow — oil — 24" x 36"

Elk at stream — I'll be darned, it's a watercolor.