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Painting for The American Legion, Post 175—How it was done

This is an oil painting  measuring 36" x  72". It was done for
The American Legion Post 175 in Syosset, NY where it
now hangs in the club room. The painting took a few months
of research and application to complete. I am proud of this work
for where it hangs and what it represents. This page presents a
step by step process of development to the end product.


             Step 1—I began by making pencil drawings of the overall 6' canvas


  Step 2 I then  filled in the main figures with a blue wash to establish tones

                  Step 3 — Testing colors and  filling in some details  came next.

       Step 4 Again, a color wash to test colors that work. The guy with the bazooka is me age twenty.

Step 5 Next, filling in and refining details. The bombers are Boeing B-17s

Step 6 Constructing the detail of the river, city and bombing


Step 7 Details on soldiers and weaponry.


Step 8 Finalizing each panel with highlights and detail

Step 9 Adding strong color to give the painting power. The plane is a Grumman Hellcat. The carrier is The Intrepid. I took a photo of the ship in New York City when it was docked. I walked up 46th street and found the angle I wanted.