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   Oil paintings in "THE CITY LIGHTS" series.
The first oil painting  (36"x48") was done as an experiment. I wanted to create a startling
image of night lights in which the building shapes are created not by their own structure
but rather by lights. If you study the painting you will see that the edges of the buildings
do not really exist. They are optical illusions created by the lights of adjoining shapes.
These paintings took a long time to accomplish partly because there are two vanishing points
(off the canvas) and the lines of the upright buildings. I painted in the background first,
then drew all my connecting lines with a thin chalk pencil and carefully, very carefully,
filled in the colored windows. Whew!  Very popular at shows. People actually have gathered
around these paintings and formed small discussions groups. "How did he do it?"
                                                                                        Now you know.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

City Lights, oil 36" x 48" — This is the first painting in the series. Award winner.

City Lights #2, oil — 24" x 36"

              City Lights 3, oil 30" x 36" — Another award winner


                                City Lights # 4, 0il, 30" x 36" —  One of the most popular in the series                                                  

This is the left side (#1) of a two oil painting project, each 36" x 48"

This is the right side (#2) of the two piece oil project. 36" x 48"


       The two paintings were joined and framed as one. Size 36" x 96" — a massive endeavor.

"God and Man" — oil,  36" x 48" — I attempted to combine a city light painting with a landscape