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Seascapes — oil and watercolor paintings
I enjoy painting the sea. It has always been a favorite subject.
Both the open sea and the shoreline, there is a wealth of subject matter.
For larger paintings I prefer oil on canvas. This medium is easy
to control and is very forgiving if you make a mistake.
For smaller paintings, I use transparent watercolors. I love this medium
once it is mastered. To make the sea effective in a painting be aware of the
direction of your light source. Water looks realistic in dockside scenes
when it reflects the colors of objects above it.

Artist on Dock, oil 44" x 47"

       Freeport Harbor, watercolor
    Escape the Wave, watercolor

         Reflections, watercolor
           Sunset Surf 1, oil

   The Sentry, oil
          Moonlight Surf 1, oil
          Rocky Surf 1, watercolor

Moonlight Surf 2, oil

          Pounding Surf 1, oil
         Rocky Surf 2, watercolor

            Crashing Surf, oil

          Rocky Surf 3, watercolor
         Gone Fishing, watercolor

          Surf Casting, watercolor

           At Dock, watercolor
                   Open Sea, oil
 Fishing Net, watercolor

                 Sunset Surf 2, oil