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     It really is Mike Walsh      

                  Presented in this site is a variety of paintings
                  produced over a lifetime. After many years as a
                  graphic designer/art director, working for hundreds
                  of major corporations and producing thousands
                  of graphic projects ranging from simple
                  brochures to full color annual reports, the desire
                  to create colorful artwork has not dimmed.

                   In this space you will find a selection of oil and
                   watercolor paintings that run the gamut of subject
                   matter. Many have appeared in art shows and some
                   have been honored with awards. These paintings are
                   divided into the following categories:
                    •  Cityscapes   • Seascapes   • Landscapes  
                    •  Wildlife  • Loose Ends  

                     Quality prints of my paintings are sold through
                     my online gallery. Click here
                     to enter. Here, you will be able to purchase color
                     prints of my paintings. This is a great site because
                     it allows you to also choose mats and frames.

                     Browse away, and don't forget to check out
                     my novels, Séance, Slain, Dreams, Alpha Male,
                  which may be purchased online through this website or
                     through, Barnes &, etc.

                               Enjoy!  You can contact me at