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Sara Coffill
09-24-2010 10:41:17 AM CST

Nick started working with our band about two or three years ago. We were basically (and there is no other word really suited for it) bad. It was my first day of band camp as a freshmen, and he welcomed all of us, and created such a good environment. Every person was part of something, and the color guard and band weren't segregated groups. Finally now in my Junior year, I am drum major, and I'm still using many of his techniques. I really enjoyed working with him and learning about how to lead a group and teach. Nick was always positive, and always energetic. He was truely a pleasure to work with. He will always be in my mind weather I am conducting a show, or teaching the block drill. Thank you Nick!!! Sara Coffill, Drum Major, Tantasqua Regional High School Warrior Marching Band.

Alexander Puga
01-09-2010 4:34:48 PM CST

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas McKenzie at the Drum Major Academy at the University of Northern Colorado this past Summer of '09. Not only did I have a blast working with him on staff, but he also interacted very well with the students. I think the thing that impressed me most about Nick is his positive outlook no matter what the circumstances are. I mean hey, anyone who can still smile while obviously under the stress of losing a wallet with his credit cards and lucky Canadian nickel is truly impressive to me. He always showed the students and staff members how to look at the world and not be down about whatever might be going on. I truly hope to get to work with Nick again in the future. Alexander Puga, IMPACT Staff member, George N. Parks Drum Major Academy.

Sarah Elizabeth Collins
12-10-2009 3:38:18 AM CST

Nick was the reason that our band (Framingham High School) is able to have such a successful program. Even though it was only our 4th year being a marching band, he made it possible for us to perform a great show. One of my favorite experiences with Nick was when he came to our last home game. His dedication to the band was amazing! It felt so good to have him see our last official game of the season (of which we won) and he even joined in playing our fight song (which he arranged). Our school is so lucky to have Nick :) Sarah Elizabeth Collins, Drum Major, Framingham High School Flyer Marching Band.

Aline Sanchez
12-08-2009 7:16:36 PM CST

Nick is one of the most amazing people I've met during my senior year of high school. His dedication shows through the drill he writes, and he is an amazing instructor who can make the color guard work happily with the band =] He is the one who made up my mind about joining marching band in college. Honestly, I think that the FHS marching band would be nothing without Nick. It's like peanut butter & jelly. He is the peanut butter and we are the jelly. Aline Sanchez, Color Guard, Framingham High School Flyer Marching Band.

Lucy Colwell   Colwelll@tantasqua.org
03-18-2009 9:54:09 AM CST

Hello, my name is Lucy Colwell and I am the Director of Instrumental Music at Tantasqua Regional Junior and Senior High Schools. The fall of 2007 was my first year as marching band director. Realizing that my knowledge of marching band practices is limited, I was in the market for some help. I got Nick's name from a colleague. I cannot thank that person enough for the recommendation. Nick was just what I needed to help bring the group to a higher level. His enthusiasm was the best. I chose the music from Cirque du sole's La Nouba. His drill design could not have fit our group better. Myself and the kids loved it. It was definately a challenge, but one that Nick helped us achieve. If you are looking for a drill designer or a band director/choach - I would not hesitate to hire Nick.

Molly Porter
03-14-2009 4:18:03 PM CST

My name is Molly Porter and I am the Drum Major at Tantasqua Regional High School, and have been for the past two years. We were lucky enough to have Nick work with our band during the late summer and fall of '08 and the difference that he made was amazing. He designed a drill that was exciting and doable for our small little band and infused enthusiasm that had been so lacking. He was patient and dedicated, and came to all of our practices no matter what the weather. For the first time, maybe ever, the crowd looked forward to the band playing at half time! He turned us into a REAL marching band that we can be proud of. Thank you Nick. Molly Porter, Drum Major, Tantasqua Regional High School Warrior Marching Band

08-26-2008 3:17:54 PM CST

I've worked with Nicholas McKenzie for about 4 years now. He's led a community marching band, organized fantastic music that worked with their strong musicians, and has been a great leader. I also had the opportunity to see the senior show that he organized and was thrilled (as I had seen many of the previous shows throughout the years in which he incorporated)! He managed to really show a piece of the group, all that they had been through, highlight different sectionals, give everyone a chance to shine, and make the best of the size group he had. It was absolutely phenomonal. He has a great passion for music and marching band, which can't be denied, and it always shows in his work. Nicole, Mellophone, Bandmasters' Crimson Brigade (commenting on leadership and show design)

Marissa McAuliffe   marissadawn@gmail.com
07-15-2008 8:35:19 PM CST

After being able to have the opportunity to march Nick's drill, I can say that it was very organized and well put together. His instruction of the drill was clear and easy to understand. It was easy enough that we were able to perform it the same day we learned it, and was entertaining for the crowd and able to stimulate both humor and heartfelt moments. Marissa, Flute Player University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band (commenting on UMMB Senior Show '07)

06-17-2008 6:06:10 PM CST

The senior show was not only well designed, both musically and visually, but also was able to reflect the experiences of those who were leaving the band. Nick's design of the drill was insightful, creative, entertaining, as well as reflective of the events from the past four seasons. Andy, Clarinet Player University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band (commenting on UMMB Senior Show '07)

06-14-2008 9:59:40 AM CST

I thought the senior show was entertaining as well as imaginative. For only having a small amount of people, I thought the drill fit smoothly together. It helped to emphasize the music during certain moments and helped to blend underlying melodies with the main focus during other moments based on the placement of the instruments at different times. Rock on. Alyson, Mellophone Player University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band (commenting on UMMB Senior Show '07)