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Welcome to the online-headquarters of NJM Drill Design!


NJM Drill Design provides creative, quality marching band drill for bands of all sizes and performance levels.


All charts are designed with three goals in mind:

Audience Appeal, Student Enjoyment, and Ease of Teaching.


It is through these three goals that you will receive a show that is easy to make a reality, leaves the audience begging for more, and gives your students memories to last a lifetime.




When you choose NJM Drill Design,
you are choosing to maintain complete creative control over your entire show!
We simply help you to field the best possible production that you can!

By answering these few short questions, we are beginning a dialogue
that will conclude with your students performing some of the most memorable shows of their lifetimes.

Part 1: The group as a whole
Estimated size of your group?
Is this a competition group?

Part 2: The group as individuals
Age range of your performers?
Instrumental skill range of your performers?
Marching skill range of your performers?

Part 3: Percussion & Colorguard
Would you like your colorguard to be included in the drill? (if applicable)
Do you have a desired placement of your pit percussion? (if applicable)

Part 4: The show
What are your planned musical selections?
Level of difficulty desired for the drill?
Any particular desired visual effects to be used?
Any particular desired visual effects to be avoided?

Part 5: Style and Personal Taste
Do you have any limitations on step size?
Do you have any limitations on number of drill charts?
Do you have any limitations on useable areas of the field?

And the most important question:
What are you trying to accomplish with this show?

Services Offered

Drill Design
Choreography Creation
Band Leadership Construction
"New Band" Advice & Recommendations
Band Camp Assistance
Performance Adjudication, Critique, & Workshop





"In a day where budgets for marching programs are getting slimmer and slimmer,
I pride myself in providing High Quality drill that is still Affordable no-matter your situation.
I will sit down with you and discuss what it is you would like to do with your drill,
and through this conversation we will establish a Fair and Reasonable price for the services you request."




 About the Designer:

Nicholas J. McKenzie is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
While at UMass, he had the priviledge of studying under three of the foremost names in the field of marching arts:
Michael Klesch (brass arranger: Cadets, Crossmen, Carolina Crown, CT Hurricanes),
Thomas P. Hannum (percussion arranger: Cadets, Star of Indiana, Blast & Blast 2: Shockwave), and
George N. Parks (founder of Drum Major Academy, World Drum Corps Hall of Fame member).

Nicholas was an active participant in the Minuteman Marching Band (1998 Sudler Trophy recipient)
, and served as a member of the Minuteman Band's Administrative Staff.

Serving as Director of Bands for the College of the Holy Cross from 2010 through 2014, Nicholas was in charge of the Pep, Symphonic, and Commencement bands, as well as the "Goodtime" Marching Band, an ensemble that gained much national attention during his tenure as Director.

Nicholas is an alumnus of the World-Champion Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps, and the East Coast Jazz Drum & Bugle Corps.




Contact Info:
Nicholas J. McKenzie, Drill Designer

Phone: 508-692-7454







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