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Gina McCarthy, Administrator

Environmental Protection Agency

Office of the Administrator, 1101A

1200 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W

Washington, D.C. 20460


Dear Ms. McCarthy,

           The Clean Economy Coalition, For the Greater Good, South Texas Colonia Initiative, Inc., and Corpus Christi Taxpayers Association of Corpus Christi, Texas, wish to thank you for the effort Region 6 put forth to protect us from our recent water poisoning.

As TCEQ delayed notification to the city of a possible leak of toxic chemicals into the Corpus Christi water system, Bill Honker of EPA Region 6 Water Division had to force Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions, Inc. to disclose the spilled chemical for the greater good. Then they had no test because Indulin AA-86 had never gotten into drinking water before. The Houston EPA Lab invented a new test quickly to protect Corpus Christi.

The people of Corpus Christi were upset by a complete ban on water use from, December 14-18, but knowing the EPA was on the job made most feel more protected. Paula Flores Gregg kept the new city council calmer as spokesperson for EPA.

The efforts by these EPA officials restored the public’s confidence in government that had been undermined by state and local officials. These actions also underscore the vital role the EPA serves in maintaining the local public’s safety, particularly in air and water standards. We invite you to share this letter widely and that it be placed in the personnel files of Mr. Coleman and others involved in this effort so that it might be referenced when he or she is eligible of promotion or commendation. Thank you for your attention to the matter, and thank you for your service to our nation and our city.


James E. Klein, Chair

Clean Economy Coalition

Corpus Christi, Texas

CC: President Barack Obama

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Ted Cruz

Congressman Blake Farenthold

Corpus Christi Caller-Times





Cc: Barack Obama

Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, Representative Blake Farenthold, Sam  Coleman, EPA Region 6.