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Welcome To the Progressive Center Corpus Christi Texas, The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture


                                     Career Explorers 


At the current date of May 27, 2016 We have awarded a total of 24 scholarships. We have paid out 11 scholarships and have 16 holding in the scholarship fund.


A selected group of sixth through eighth graders at Sterling B. Martin Special Emphasis Middle School will explore careers through community field trips to colleges and work sites and discussions in small groups on campus. CCISD approved volunteers will meet with students twice a month during school hours to determine their individual interests, to expose them to a variety of career choices, and to encourage continuing progress. At the end of the year $500 scholarships will be awarded to two or more students who successfully complete this program as recommended by teachers and counselors. These funds will be saved in those students’ names until graduation from high school. Scholarships can be used for academic or technical/occupational training at Del Mar College or Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi  or other college or university. The program is provided by Martin Middle School with the assistance of the education committee of The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture.


The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture is a nonprofit organization which raises awareness and resources for positive solutions to our community’s social issues. Projects have included the 2007 and 2009 Social Forums in conjunction with Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, the Sargassum Symposium (scientific studies on uses for beach seaweed), Native American monument, and Art for Social Justice 2007, 2008.


Two $500 scholarships were donated in honor of Mariano Salas, a World War II veteran who served in Japan. A hard worker all of his life, he impressed the value of higher education on his children and grandchildren, who have all earned college degrees. One of his sons attended Martin Middle School.