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Welcome To the Progressive Center Corpus Christi Texas, The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture


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A Non-profit Corporation

Purpose of Organization

There has been recognized a need to establish a nonprofit organization to facilitate various progressive projects in the Corpus Christ area. There are no progressive nonprofits that have educational-cultural development in this area. Most nonprofits are organized for social services. Our proposed organization is intended to serve various needs of the community, especially educational and cultural from a progressive standpoint.


Functions of Organization

The main function of the proposed nonprofit is to establish a progressive leadership school, which would marshal progressive resources from within and without the community, to educate younger people on progressive social issues. This would be in contract to "leadership Corpus Christi" which orients potential leaders on issues relating to Chamber of Commerce, land speculating, and ways of helping industry through use of the political structures in the community. The Progressive Leadership School would educate potential leaders of the community on people-oriented issues, especially related to empowerment of the disenfranchised.

Another function of the organization is to establish a center of communication for progressive of all types, including cultural, social, economic, political, and lifestyle progressives. It would also provide resources for assisting those various projects in the community.

Identification between a location and progressive issues is an important function of an organization. Therefore, the establishment of a building and location for the nonprofit would help in identifying the progressive nature of the organization with the community.

Cultural Center. The location and functions of the nonprofit would encourage cultural development and events. The group would network with various cultural groups in the community for events and educational purposes.


Manner or Organization

The organization would consist of a board made up of community people, who would serve as a policy board and would approve or propose various activities of the organization. Project Directors will be appointed to carry out the directives of the board and coordinate use of the resources of the organization for the good of the community and to further the goals of the organization. The board composition may expand through resolutions as the need arises for more representation.



The board would conduct a series of organizing meetings, and thereafter approve Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Once the organization is recognized by the State of Texas, the board will apply for exempt tax status under 501 (c)(3) of the IRS tax code and rules. The Board would conduct quarterly meetings to keep up with the legal requirements of a nonprofit organization and develop direction of the group.


Type of Board

The board would be a self-perpetuating board, that is, members would appoint other members. This is opposed to a membership organization, in which a large membership would elect board members and officials.



The main goal of the organization is to become self-sustaining through grants and fundraising which would finance the various progressive activities.

Another goal is to educate and change the community to become a progressive community in all aspects of endeavor, including education, cultural, economic, and political. Tolerance for others' beliefs and traditions is another aspect of cultural development and respect.