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Welcome To the Progressive Center Corpus Christi Texas, The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture



The Center for Progressive Studies and Culture is pleased to announce a new Native American project .  A close association has been formed with Larry Running turtle Salazar of the Gulf Coast Indian Confederation for this initiative.

The project calls for the construction of a bronze sculpted monument by world class artist Dave Mc Gary.    The artist currently has pieces on permanent display in the Egyptian Museum and inside the United States Congress. The Corpus Christi monument will stand in Hans and Pat Suter Park along Ennis Joslin road.

The purpose of the monument is to commemorate the site know as Callo del Oso,  often referred to as 41NU2 by the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, due to it’s historical and archeological significance.

 During the Late Archaic period (500 BC- 500 AD), different indigenous tribes brought their dead to be buried at this location.  This location has been determined as the 2nd largest Indian burial ground in Texas.  

In the early 1930’s, the University of Texas published the results of several excavations. The evidence revealed hundreds of human remains in the area.  87% of the skeletal remains found in clay dunes laid on their left side facing the bay as the sun would rise over the water facing east. In total, Tx Dot has stated that the original burial site spanned over one mile of coast line.

The Corpus Christi Arts Commission and the Corpus Christi City Council has approved the project concept and design. Pat Suter, for whom the park is named, is fully supporting the project. It is the view of the Progressive Center that this monument will pay proper tribute to the history of the area. Moreover, it will add a world class piece of art to our community that will fit perfectly as a tourist piece, adding to the attraction of those visiting our museums and art centers. We are excited to announce this project and happy to assist Larry Running Turtle and the Gulf Coast Indian Confederation with this endeavor.

Moreover, the project is also working with an archeologist out of Austin to designate the area as a National Historical Site, registered by the National Registry.

The monument has a price tag of $ 225,000 and we will begin an aggressive fund raising campaign during the spring of 2009. The generosity of Citgo is greatly appreciated for contributing $2,500 during the fall of 2008 and will serve as a primary sponsor of this project.  The individual donors and corporate sponsors that follow will be most appreciated. All sponsors will be permanently recognized at the monument site.  Thank you for the opportunity to improve the quality of life in Corpus Christi!

Please contribute on line today to the CC Center for Progressive Studies and Culture- Indian Project.