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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper

Shockoe Bottom Minor League Baseball only helps certain rich people. 


My name is L. Shirley Harvey, telephone number 232-4832.  Check me out at the Richmond Radiant Light Newspaper at 

Tonight I wish to inform my fellow Richmonders that in order to understand Richmond now, you must remember the past.  It is still the Capital of the Confederacy because our so called leaders do not care how the people feel or what they think.  Our leaders do what they choose, not what is required.  Employees and board members of leading business organizations here are paid with our funds to sit around all day thinking up ways to spend our money and bond issues on endeavors they , not us would like to see come to pass.  It doesn’t matter if the plan doesn’t make sense or how much it cost.  It’s our money, not theirs.

Without erecting one single building there is a group of African Americans here in Richmond who can put thousands of people to work with great new products, inventions and needed services.  Yet nobody will hear them or provide them with funds because they are not in the boule.  They don’t rub shoulders with the elite.  They just have great ideas and a great work ethic.  They deserve a chance to show what they can do.   

Some of the richest people in Richmond are members of Venture Richmond.   Why are these members that brought us Main Street Station, the Sixth Street Marketplace, the Convention Center (all flops) still allowed to make decisions for us?  Why is there no wide spectrum of the population allowed to participate in these organizations?  The fact that Ellen Robertson of the 6th District is a member of The Visitors and Convention Bureau and also on the board of Venture Richmond tells us that she will for vote for placing the ball park in Shockoe Bottom because she helped develop the plan.  She is already committed to Venture Richmond and to her, we, the people of Richmond, do not matter. 

Why is John Berry still around as leader of anything for us?   Why do James and Bobby Ukrop have their hands in seemingly all the business organizations, the sports venues, the food stores, the RRHA Board, the Farmer’s market and everything else?  Why is there seldom a change in this leadership?

Does anyone remember that the current food market in Church Hill was taken from Johnny Johnson and supposedly given to a Ukrop’s relative?   

Does anyone remember that Dwight Jones, your mayor, your reverend, your Sigma Pi Phi (Boule) member, and the President of Venture Richmond was challenged in past years because he did not actually live in the district he represented?  Remember when some members of his church sued him for money that they said he misused?  When the court asked to see the books, a mysterious fire happened in Dwight’s office and only the ledgers concerning the money were burned up.  The citizens put him in power and the citizens have the power to take him out. Now that he has been selected as chairman of the democratic party in addition to all these other duties, it is evidence that Dwight’s plan all along is to be backed by his rich partners to be our next governor.  Where is the FBI when you need them?  Bob McDonnell must be innocent if Dwight Jones can get away with this fiasco.

Richmond is still the Capital of the Confederacy because racism (classism) still exists. This council, and big business organizations and big time non-profit organizations are attempting to replace the people in Richmond with the people they desire.  We have overwhelmingly stated that we do not want another ballpark.  But the Council does not hear us.  We demand our right to thrive and exist.  We have ideas, too.    

Yes, the capital of the Confederacy still exists here in Richmond.  The rich whites and prominent blacks (the boule) against all the rest of us.  Our citizens deserve to be prosperous.  We have paid for that right.  

We can no longer wait to see how the council votes on the placement of the ballpark.  We must organize now and unify to succeed at putting caring members of our community in leadership positions.  Let’s have a recall vote against the mayor and this Council.  My name is L. Shirley Harvey.  Let’s work together for the rights of all Richmond Citizens. 



4, James Ukrop and Company wanted to place a $52 million swimming pool at the corner of the Boulevard and Hermitage Road for Olympic trials.   The 1994 Council actually voted 6 to 3 in favor of this waste of money just as this Council is about to do with this lie about the ballpark.  If it had not been for Henrico and Chesterfield (our partners in regional matters) this city would have put the major portion of the amount needed for this foolish idea.    If this ball field is moved and the old field sold, Chesterfield and Henrico are forever removed from making a decision about regional issues in Richmond. 

If this Council and our mayor has been bought with funds or provided with help to win political offices in the future, the will of the people of Richmond has been denied and the FBI should step in.  Dwight Jones has recently been chosen as the head of the democratic party.  He is also a reverend and the mayor.  Is he attempting to be the governor, too by giving away our land?  There is no doubt that an overwhelming number of Richmonders have stated on numerous occasions and in different years that we do not want our money or land used for a ballpark anywhere except the boulevard.  However, this council pays absolutely no attention to us.  Why is there no referendum for this issue?

This council has already decided with perhaps the exception of Ms. Trammell, that they are in favor of this project no matter what we say.  They don’t hear us so we must do something?  We must act as lawful citizens to remove these councilpersons.  To do this we need about 5,000 registered voters to sign a petition requesting their removal.   In addition, we as citizens must use our rights to bring their removal to a referendum.  What a travesty of justice!  The council can waste our money in any manner they choose, but in order to remove them we need a referendum.    

Please see more information about this matter at or call me at 232-4832.  People Matter.        














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In the Old Testament of the Bible, Jeremiah was a prophet sent by God to tell the people of Israel that they would have divine protection if they would submit to Babylon.  Big head King Zedekia had Jeremiah put in jail for telling the people what God had said.  Zedekiah, who wanted control of the wealth of the cities and the people called his own prophets who told the people that all was well.  If you know the story, you will know that because of Zedekiah’s disobedience, many people died and Zedekiah himself saw the Babylonians kill his children just before they gouged out his eyes.


Since 1995, the mayors of this council have been standing in front of the people here in Richmond telling us in the “state of the city” addresses that all is well.  The mayors have their pride on the line and although they would like for us to think that all is well we would be better off if they should tell us the truth.  If the council is truly here to be servants to the people rather than lords over us, they will tell us the truth.  If not, they will continue to lie to us.


The city administrators say that we are doing well financially.  We have an excellent bond rating.  If that is true, why is 25% of the population still living in poverty?  As an accountant and a planner, I can tell you that there are not many figures which cannot be fudged.  We should find out who came up with the bond rating and exactly how it was devised rather than just accepting what was said.  What is the city doing to lower the rate of poverty in this city?  The city pays big bucks to managers of the Social Services Department, to the Economic Development Department, to the Regional Planning Commission, to the Airport Commission, the Industrial Development Authority, the Minority Business Consortium, the downtown development authority and others.  Now somebody is getting the big money, but not the people who need it.  We give money to the Regional Planning Commission, the Richmond Renaissance and the Metropolitan Business League.  Employees of these organizations are well paid, but Richmond has had a 25% poverty rate for many, many years. 


Crime in Richmond is consistent and constant in many neighborhoods.  Instead of No. 11 on the list of cities where crime is most prevalent, we probably should be No 2.  Do you realize that many people in this city have had no relief from crime in many, many years?  Is this city trying to make us leave the city for well to do inhabitants?  Ms. Gina Houchens, who came to speak to you several weeks ago about the crime on Gladstone Ave., is leaving Richmond.  She can’t take it any more.  She has been shot at two times and her house has been broken into twice for trying to stand up to criminals.  The city manager said after the four people were killed in South Richmond that “the communities have to do more.”  What more do you want us to do?  Die?  And, yes, some have lost their lives.  However, the far west end is virtually free of crime?  Why is that?  Why hasn’t the Social Services department, the police department, the economic development, the behavioral health department gotten together to devise a plan to reduce crime.  Poverty is one of the leading reasons for crime.             



The gas and water rates are still too high.  The city took $2.5 million out of the utilitiy funds to buy the Ukrops Symphony Hall where the city has now put a huge sign which states one city, our city.  That is a lie in itself.  Why hasn’t the city devised a plan to provide money for insulation of houses and supplied $2.5 million for that effort.  We would reduce the amount of gas used by our residents.


On top of all these things that continue to plague Richmond, you give the City Manager almost $20,000 for a raise because he has accomplished nothing. 


Finally, when you speak to us about the situations in Richmond tell us the truth.  If you continue to tell us that all is well we will know that you are lying.  I urge the citizens of Richmond to become more familiar with your government and do not swallow everything you hear as truth.  Do some research, go to some commission meetings and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love, and a sound mind.





The City of Richmond is currently in its worse state.  The elections are over and the city basically ends up with the same people who let us down for the last two years.


The city administrators talk about increasing the population, when in actuality they really speak about repopulating the city.


Any time these councils allow government entities such as VCU to continue to take control of the land, the people have less of a tax base.  Government entities and non-profit organizations do not pay taxes.  The overburdened taxpayer foots the bill.


Any time our elderly have to move into senior apartments because they cannot afford to pay taxes on their already paid for homes or the gas or the water bill, there is a problem in Richmond.


              Any time we fool our poor population by telling them    

           that we are going to improve their conditions under       

         programs like Hope Six, we are hypocrites especially    

         when we know that all we want to do is to remove them       

         from the land.


We,   Those who know about The Master Plan are acutely aware that   we are moving poor people who have paid their taxes out of the    city to form ghettos in the counties—Watch out Chesterfield and    and eastern Henrico County.  d                                                                                                                                                

We al  We also know that even though the city of Richmond has not                                 annexed anything since 1969, soon a plan will emerge where this city and the General Assembly will help the rich pay the bills of the city by annexing Henico and Chesterfield.


This city administration, the Richmond Renaissance, the city council and the General Assembly ought to be ashamed at how it treats the poor.


The Bible says in Proverbs (the book of wisdom) 28 says that he that giveth to the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.



Good evening,

     I usually speak about the state of the City of Richmond and as usually it is still in a mess.  There is criminal action among you and you think you can wish away by taking away the privilege of Gwen Hedgepeth.  Well, some of you may be in just as much trouble as Gwen Hedgepeth, but the news media and the public don’t know about you yet.  How can any of you request that Hedgepeth be removed when you have not removed William Pantele?  Wasn’t he involved somehow in the Salomonsky bribe for which Salomonsky has pleaded guilty?  Why do you not fire Calvin Jamison who has allowed his assistant to steal almost a million dollars from the tax payers of this city.  What about the people in procurement.  What are you doing about all this corruption?

     Some of you may not know that very recently HUD officials have begun to look into the conflict of interest matter regarding Ellen Robertson, the current councilperson for the 6th District  and her directorship with HPRAPP.  She receives more than $800,000 from the city through HUD funds.  The IRS is also looking into that matter.  Did you know also that Walter Kenny whom you selected as the interim councilperson for the Sixth District was also in conflict of interest because he is a board member with HPRAPP and that Ms. Robertson should have been disqualified because of the conflict of interest?

     Did you know that your City Attorney worked with Ellen Robertson to attempt an exemption for her from the HUD regulations?  Your city attorney said that he only spoke with Ellen Robertson regarding this matter but the City Attorney clearly stated in a letter that “The City”, not the city attorney’s office was requesting this exemption to their regulations regarding conflict of interest for Ms. Robertson.

     The problem with this city is that we do not have leaders we can trust.  In addition, we do not have leaders who have enough fortitude to fight for the rights of the citizens and against the bribes of the rich.  There are many types of bribes and many ways to  accomplish them.  Where is that one of you who has nothing to hide who will stand up for us.  The people out there are saying that soon there will be very few on Council who were elected for the current term.  Many do not trust any of you.   Speaking out against Ms. Hedgepeth does not mean that some of you do not have anything to hide and you know it.  We know what a publicity stunt is.  I ask the people in this city to wake up and very soon because our city is being given to the dogs by those who look like the majority of us and by those who claim to be honorable and working for the best interest of the city.  Corruption has been going on for more than decades.  Join the fight for Our City, a decent city.