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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper


    We need a treasurer in Richmond because altough we pay for the services, the duties are not implemented.

It's time for a change!


                                                               NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Look below at the Virginia's definition of a treasurer.  My opponent sells fishing and hunting licenses, notarizes documents and prepares some state income taxes.  If this is true, why did she need to obtain a certificate as a master governmental treasurer?  Our money is being wasted on continuing education that is not needed if the duties of a treasurer are not being performed.  Our treasurer is content to do nothing.  She is hardly found in the office.  As citizens we should know what happens to our money and keep the citizens aware of its destination and purpose.  The treasurer by definition keeps track of our funds.  Ms. Wilder has shown for 21 years that she is not minding our store.  She has taken no steps to insure us that our money is being used properly.  It is time for a change now!

         VOTE HARVEY ON NOVEMBER 5                                       FOR TREASURER

This is the information provided to The League of Women Voters by the candidates.

Ms. Harvey has added her comments without changing any documentation by LWV. To look at the LWV site, go to


Richmond City Treasurer

Duties - The Richmond Treasurer's office collects state income taxes, provides information and assistance regarding state and federal taxes, and sells fishing and hunting licenses.
Term - 4 years
Salary - $87,821 minimum from Virginia Compensation Board, plus City supplement

L. Shirley Harvey (I)Citizen Advocate, Business Organizer

Eunice M. Wilder (Dem)Richmond City Treasurer

Biographical Information

Info for L. Shirley Harvey
Campaign Phone (804) 232-4832
Experience The opportunities to grow and learn have come from my positions as city councilperson, IBM general accountant, office manager, suggestion award winner and community advocate. My experiences tell me that if Richmond does not soon change its spending habits, our citizens will suffer greatly.
Twitter page None
Facebook page L. Shirley Harvey
Info for Eunice Wilder
Campaign Phone (804) 320-7070
Web Sitehttp://n/a
Experience 21 years as Treasurer of City of Richmond 17 years as Master Governmental Treasuer (MGT),3 years as Auditor, for State of VA, 2 years as CPA for Coopers & Lybrand, and 10 years as an Accountant for Reynolds Metals. B A degree Acctg major Economics minor Howard University.

What qualifications make you the best candidate for this office?

Response from L. Shirley Harvey

I really care that our citizens' money is properly spent. Honors Graduate,IBM Club Board (Elected).IBM Plant and Cost Accountant (Won suggestion and cost effectiveness awards), State of VA, instituted Cost Accounting System, Henrico County Office Manager. City of Richmond, Spectacor Mgmt. Assistant Finance Dir. IRS, Shop Steward, Customer Service Representative (Suggestion Awards) Investigator, VA Consumer Affairs, Suggestion award provided by Doug Wilder, Richmond City Councilperson.

Response from Eunice Wilder

Recertified in 2012,as Master Governmental Treasurer(MGT)attained through continuing education. VA first in the U S to establish this program and I was in the inaugural class. As Treas I emphasize cooperation with state and local officials,Auditors and co-workers in order to better serve It is most important that I work with my constituency,face to face on a daily basis.In Richmond the Finance Director,not the Treasurer receives and oversees all $$.The Treas forwards state taxes to VA TAX Dept.

What will be your top priority if elected?

Response from L. Shirley Harvey

lA treasurer is a governmental officer charged with receiving, keeping, and disbursing public revenues. Here in Richmond, VA, the current treasurer prepares some state income taxes, sells hunting and fishing licenses and notarizes documents. The duties for the current treasurer falls very short of the clear definition. And while most don't know who has held the current position for 23 years, I, L. Shirley Harvey, as treasurer, will work to allow our citizens to know what happens to our money.


Response from Eunice Wilder

In the last two years, the State of VA has vigourously encouraged VA taxpayers to electronically file their income taxes and although I have assisted taxpayers in preparing and filing their taxes,this year I will qualify to assist them to file electronically, with emphasis on those who can not otherwise do so, This will be done at no expense to the taxpayer as has always been the policy of this office. Another priority is to locate and pay jurors who have failed to collect pay for their service