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       Well, today is election day!  November 4, 2008 is a day to remember.  Why?  Because if the democratic candidate wins, we are all in deep trouble.  Yes. a black candidate may be our next president in a few hours.  But the truth is that nobody knows the mind of God.  In Romans, we are told that God places those in power over us and we really have no say in the matter.  Our problem is that we do not understand why God would do such things.  Why would he let a Hitler rule people?  Why would he allow George W. Bush to speak for all us?  Why was Mussolini born?  Why did FDR or Churchill have anything to do with the World War II?  Why did Japan enter the conflict, thereby causing its citizens to be blasted with the atomic bomb?  Why did God allow the atomic bomb to be discovered?  Why, why why?  Why at this time would he allow someone so inexperienced captivate so many and one who laid his life down for his country to be so outwitted?  Why would God allow so many black people to be so fooled into thinking that one who knows not their plight would be put in place to stand up for them?

     After considering these questions, I asked myself, Which man is the man that God wants to be president?  I do not have the answer.  But soon God made me see that His will may not be our will.  His will has already been planned and activated.  Nothing can change the outcome.  Well, then, we think that maybe we can change his mind.  But God's will is what will happen no matter what.  Then we say, Well. He said, "First, seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you."  The question came to me, then what is his righteousness?  His righteousness is whatever He wants!  Yes, God wanted Jesus to die for our sins.  He was glad to plan it.  Yes, God wanted Hitler to be the ogre that he was.  God was pleased with his handiwork.  Yes, God wanted JFK to die.  Yes, God wanted Barack Obama, the Illuminati, the Boule, the Masons and all those other secret organizations to exist so that we who He has called into His Kingdom can understand and know that there are satanic forces out there trying to change God's purpose for us on this earth, but they cannot win.  Remember the story of Nebucadnezzar.  God put that King in place to show his people, the Israelites, that God is God and that God can make anybody a ruler over them.  The Isralites disobeyed and they were punished.  Those that went along with God's plan and went to be under the rulership of Nebucadnezzar were saved from harm.  Those who stayed in Israel had great hardship and many, many died. 

     God says that He will give us anything that we desire that is not interfering with what He wants for His kingdom.  Even though I believe that we will see great problems if Barack Obama and not John McCain as president,  we must have faith that God knows exactly what He is doing.  We should be asking, "What does God want us to learn from this flakly man and those who would have him be the president."  We should look at Oprah, the Kennedy family, John Kerry and many others who have endorosed Obama to see just what they are doing and know that God is telling us just who they really are.  Something is so strange about this situation that everyone who calls themselves a Christian should shudder.  Is this why God says that when the anti-christ comes even the elect would be fooled if He did not step in? 

   Let's now thank God for His wisdom and knowledge for if we do not fully understand we know that God does not make mistakes and He never changes.  Glory to God in the highest!  Now when we see all manner of evil coming from the president and those that he has aligned himself with, know that God has already made us aware that the days ahead will be coming.  So let's prepare now to win for God's sake.