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Hebrew Gematria Number meanings And how to calculate?

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what do the numbers mean and how to calculate

6 years ago

What I mean what do the numbers mean, I mean the numbers 1 to 9. I mean 7 means spiritual, 6 number of imperfection, ect

6 years ago

by yotg
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There are 22 letters in the Hebrew Alphabet, and each letter has a numeral value:

א (Alef)- 1
ב (Bet)- 2
ג (Gimel)- 3
ד (Dalet)- 4
ה (Heh)- 5
ו (Vav)- 6
ז (Zayin)- 7
ח (Chet)- 8
ט (Tet)- 9
י (Yud)- 10
כ (Kaf)- 20
ל (Lamed)- 30
מ (Mem)- 40
נ (Nun)- 50
ס (Samech)- 60
ע (Ayin)- 70
פ (Peh)- 80
צ (Tzadi)- 90
ק (Kuf)- 100
ר (Resh)- 200
ש (Shin)- 300
ת (Tav)- 400

The number 312 will be written שי"ב. Shin (ש) is for 300, Yud (י) is for 10, and Bet (ב) is for two. The letters are written from right to left and two inverted commas before the last letter shows that it is not a real word.

This Hebrew year is the year of תשס"ז means 400+300+60+7= 767. It is accepted to add the letter Heh (ה) with an apostrophe after it before the name of the year, and thus to add another 5000 years to the counting: ה'תשס"ז.

Any word in Hebrew has a numeral value:
תורה (Torah): 611
אהבה (love): 13
יותם (my name): 456
עגבת (syphilis ): 475
מלפפון (cucumber): 286