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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper

Today is October 21, 2011.  This has been a wondrous year.  The number 11 has been ringing in my ears and in my minds eye and in my real eyes over and over and over again.  This is so unusual.  Today Yashuah said to me. "You do not ask for enough.  Your prayers mainly have to do with your children and grandchildren.  I can give you all that you can ask or think.  Why don't you ask for more?  Get up and go out to your computer and ask me.  I will grant all that you ask."  I got up almost immediately to start writing down some things for Yashuah to do for me.  So here goes.

Lord God Almighty, Maker and Ruler of All Heaven and Earth and the skies and all that is in them, hear my prayer.  Lord, there is so much that is wrong, I hardly know where to begin.  Lord Jesus, please send your Holy Spirit to tug at the hearts of my those I love to bring them to a saving knowledge of you.  Let them know how very easy it is to speak that by Yaweh's grace, He allowed His Son to die for our sins and when they except that Jesus took stripes upon His person, died and was buried, but rose again from the dead for each person who ever lived all through the eons of time so that they would not receive punishment for sins that have been covered by the blood of Jesus the Christ.  Let them realize who Jesus is and let them know that He is Life.  He is love.  He is provision.  He is Health.  He is wealth.  He is everything we need all rolled up into one person, who is perfectly both God and Man.  Let those in Richmond realize that once we received Jesus as Savior and Lord, that our sins will never again be counted against us whether those sins were past, present or future.  Let us know that when we receive Jesus, there is no more condemnation.

Lord, let Richmond, VA be a City of Refuge and help me to be a catalyst that will draw men and women, boys and girls, to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Let there be no more poverty here and that no one will need to use unlawful methods to make money. 

Father, make a way for those who have ideas and inventions to come forth to save the economy of Richmond.  Lord, let men and women, boys and girls be endowed with ideas and thoughts that will make this city the capital city of solutions.  Let leaders come forth and take office who will work to allow our citizens to be a real part of the government and how it works.  Let VCU is taking be stopped in its tracks from taking land that can be used for business enterprises.  Let no more government money be provided to VCU.

Let citizens stand up for their rights and make them well aware of the truth of what goes on in high places in Richmond.  Lord, let your hand be ukpon those who will be the leaders so that they stray not to the left or the right of what you comman to be done. 

Lord, let this city be built so that our citizens hearts reflect Your heart.  Let this city be operated like the New Jerusalem where there is no discord and people genuinely care about each other.  Let this city no longer be called the Capital of the Confederacy or the River City, but the City of Refuge established by the Lord God Almighty.

Father, let those that pretend to know you in "churches" throughout this city be called out of their positions and be saved to do as you decide.

Let saved persons understand that they have been given a purpose and let these people know why you have put them in this world.  Let them succeed in their purpose.  Let people use the talents you have given them to bring your will to earth as it is in heaven.