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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper

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10-28-2021 1:26:58 PM CST
give it all to god and let jesus reimburse you.

Maurice Robinson( Youth Liberator
06-12-2008 2:51:25 PM CST

How are you doing today Ms Harvey. My name is Maurice Robinson. I am known as City of Richmond's Youth Liberator organizer of up and comming youth program S.L.A.N.G accronym for Solutions, Liberation, And New, Guidance. I watch your television show on the comcast channel 95. Me and you Harvey have the same views. I understand that you are running for Mayor, you definately got my vote. If you need any help or organizers for your campaign please contact me I will post fliers posters or any type of promotion for your campaign. PLease contact me Ms Harvey Thank you God Bless

L. Shirley Harvey
09-14-2006 02:01:21 pm CDT
Today is Thursday, September 14, 2006, and it is very rainy. I am concerned about the historic buildings in Richmond and the Building Code Department seem not to be concerned at all. There are many houses in Jackson Ward that should be denoted as historic properties. Yet the city has not made efforts to preserve these structures. It seems as though the properties just like the Armory have been allowed to deteriorate for decades. Yet, the City was not held responsible for the Armory or the other structures. The City does not take itself to court for violations it occurs. When the City decided that space was needed for the convention center, they did not decide to move the cite to a better location. The City chose to tear down historic properties in Jackson Ward. Does black history count in this town?