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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper





Funny, funny, funny!


Oh, dear.  Today is May 20, 2012.  It is the day after the day after my grandaughter whent to her first prom.  It is also the day after the day after I trimmed the hedges and cut the grass.  Those were no small tasks.  Running out to find accessories for her dress and looking for sports jerseys for an sol pep rally for the younger ones.  This was after talking to many, many people about my candidacy for mayor.  I need more signatures because the Richmond registrar will not start checking the petition signatures for qualifications until each candidate has turned in the least number of pages for qualifications.  Seems like more stress for the registration office, but she is supposed to know.  However, somebody changes their minds becauses this was never done before.


So on Saturday, as a good grandmother would do, i got up to go along with the birthday party for the twins.  They are nine. Hallelujah!  We spent from 9:30 to five oclock with 11 children waiting in a face painting line, eating pizza and singing Happy Birthday.  Several people were Richmond residents and signed my petition.  By the time 5:30 pm rolled around, i was thoroughly pooped.  However, knowing that my daughter had gotten up at 5:30 am to bake the cake and later to get the girls ready to go out for this birthday afternoon.  After we returned both my daughter and I had to take a nap.  When I awoke, I decided to cook dinner so my daughter could rest a little longer. I could have skipped supper myself.  By then my body was really zonked.  We ate and I took another nap waking up about 10 o'clock.  After looking and listening on the computer until about two in the morning, I went back to sleep, encountered a few weird dreams, saw some weird visions and slept until 8:30 am. 

Because the pastor of a nearby church had been so kind to me and because I needed to just hear the word of God without a struggle, I got up to get ready to walk to the church.  The comedy of errors begins here.  All I needed to get my outfit ready was a proper pair of black shoes of which I have many.  There were no matches to be found.  I pulled all of the shoes from under the bed, looked desperately through the closet and found nothing.  Amongst all these shoes were two matching silver shoes that I don't ever remember wearing.  Time was getting shorter, so I decided to wear the silver ones.  The stockings were ready, but although the size said queen, the sized seemed more like little princess.  I put my slip on and the dress.  The slip kept showing above the neckline of the dress.  I adjusted the straps on the slip.  The slip kept inching up.  Then I felt the awful running of the stockings.  There were no more stockings in the drawer and it was getting ever closer to the time that church would begin.  I searched, looked through all those small bottles in my dresser drawers and closet and never once found a bottle of fingernail polish which when applied to nylon, stops runs.  I gave up on that account and started looking for the tools and my makeup.  Thank God! They were in sight.  I applied all my makeup and went to reach for my lipstick, but it was not there.  I remembered that this morning my daughter came in and said let me use your lipstick.  Now that I want to use it, whee is it?  I haven't found it yet--not to this minute.  So, now I sit down on my bed which is filled with things from yesterday and decide that Yahweh is trying to tell me to get organized before I get on with the business that He has set me out to do.  It was a revelation and maybe can be a revelation to you.  Everything is easier when you are organized.  I had to laugh.  God speaks to you sometimes when you don't hear a word.  My body needs to rest and I need to organize my personal and professional things so that my time is wisely spent.  I hear you, Yahweh!

Funny.  As I sit here now typing up this message to you, it has come to my membory exactly where my black shoes are.  Now my room is one big mess that I have to organize so it is easy to find my belongings.