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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper


The City of Richmond






The name Richmond means powerful protector.  While in the first year of my two year term as a Richmond City councilperson, I learned that Richmond has this meaning.  I did not know that I would be approached by a prophet who truly told me about my life previous to 1994 and what the future held for me.  He told me that God sent me here to lead the people to truth and to help make changes to this city that were necessary for it to become a city of refuge--a safe, peaceful place.  The man said that God had ordained me for the position of City Councilperson because I was obedient.  He said that Richmond has been a place of struggle and death and the spilling of blood from the times of slavery through today when so many killings take place here.  He said that God would redeemed the land and remove the blood from the ground and people would live in peace.  He did not say that the city would replace the people who live here with other more upwardly mobile people.  He said that God's will would be known in Richmond and the United States through blacks.  They have suffered much and the time would come when they would be greatly blessed and honored.  My job would be to open the city to everyone, not just the rich.  God will see that His Will is done.

From just knowing people in Richmond, I know that the truth about Richmond has not been told.  Besides the slavery and mistreatment of black people, many black women were misused and abused by white men.  On many occasions black women were mistresses of white men who thought more of the mistresses than they did there wives.  There were many white men who married black women and lived in black neighborhoods.  Jackson Ward was one of those places.   

In many cases black women after the 1900's were used to satisfy the sexual appetites of white men.  The Jim Crow laws left black women without protection from these rapists who could do whatever they wanted.  One man who is now about 80 years old told me about a neighbor who was repeatedly used as a sexual toy by a white man.  One day when the man came to her house for his pleasure, the woman refused.  The white man used a spoon to gouge out the eye of the black woman and of course, he was never charged with a crime.

Strom Thurman was not the only white southerner who fathered children of black women.  Many of these women in the early part of the 1900's lived and worked in the homes of these rapists.  There are many blacks who are still passing for white and many who were provided funds by their white daddies to go to college, to open law offices, to own funeral homes, to start other businesses.  Light, bright and darn near white were  "blacks" fathered by white men who found it much easier to find their way in the world.  That saying ("White, white is all right.  Yellow, yellow he's a good fellow.  Brown, brown stick around.  Black, black stay back.") is still appropiate for today. 

Here in Richmond before the 1960's, if an employer advertised for a menial job most notably held by blacks, he could ask for a "light skinned black person" if that person would be in the presence of whites such as waiting tables or shining shoes.  This preference was acutally stated in the newspaper advertisements.

Haven't you wondered why light skinned blacks seem to get the best positions and the best chances at succeeding in the 20th century?  Was it because their "fathers" like Strom Thurman paid them off to keep quiet about who their fathers really were by bribing their mothers with money and paying for their educations.


Many of you may have heard the prophecy that the City of Richmond will be a city of refuge.  This was spoken to me more than ten years ago First written in 2004).  During the years I have lived in Richmond knowing what God has planned for this city, I wondered if anyone else knew.  It was difficult to believe that the so called "leaders" of this city including pastors would be so vicious and mean to laugh at anybody who believes the Word of God or speaks in tongues.  One of those who laughed was Joe Brooks, a former city council member, who died while exercising.?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->


In February 1994. I was shocked when God told me why He sent me to Richmond.  He said that He wanted me to be a leader of the city and that I would meet many who the majority would call prominent people.  In 1994, the local elections were held in May.  I did not know anybody.  However, in less than three months, God proved what He could do.  I was elected to City Council and learned much about what happens behind those closed doors.  I was not re-elected because the most of the local newspapers and the city council members Larry Chavis. Leonidas Young, Viola Baskerville, Tim Kaine, John Conrad, Joe Brooks, and Chuck Richardson did all they could to remove me from council because I would not go along with wrongdoing.  It was obvious too that I was under a test to see if I would give in to Satan's tactics and join the wrongdoing or stand with God.  Because of God's grace, I was able to endure the period where I had little or no funds to take care of my bills or even to buy food.  I know that God is still on the throne.  If it had not been for a mortgage company owner who literally gave me $10,000, I would have lost my home.  I did lose three other houses that Leonidas Young, Robert Bobb and the building code director Claude Cooper diligently worked together against me.  The newspapers helped with the harassment because they reported what they heard from these people rather than investigate the situations.  The Richmond Times Dispatch reporter later became the publicist for Tim Kaine later who became governor through his ungodly connections here in Richmond.  


In December of 1998, August Moon, a local personality who calls himsel the mouth of the south, who will stand on the side of anybody who has some money or a little power, told me while at the last City Council meeting for the year that he was going to “mess me up” when he came back on television in January.  (He meant by telling lies about me and spreading vicious rumors so that people would lose faith in me.)  However, God will cause all that He says about my life and yours to come true because His word cannot return to him void.  He said that I was to be a leader of the city and He won’t change His mind.  August Moon could not do me any harm.  Moon was scheduled to go back on the Cable Access Network in January.  However, just one hour (How many know that God can change things in an hour or less?), August Moon had a brain anurism and has never been the same since.  He certainly can’t speak that broken English the way he did prior to 1999.  Leonidas Young, who tried everything he knew to hurt me pleaded guilty of federal crimes while I looked on from a point in the jury box which was less than three feet from where Young stood in front of the judge.   I could have touched him.  How humiliated he must have felt with me sitting there looking at him plead guilty to a felony and knowing that he would never be able again to run for political office in Virginia.  There are others who God have not been punished yet, but their time is coming.  God is not afraid of mere men and He fights my battles for me.  Therefore, I win because no one can fight God and come out the winner.


 A Company of Women Int.

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Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 10:41 AM




    My wisdom shall be justified by my children. These stones that have been rejected are the ones that I have chosen for a habitation says the Lord. As Joseph was rejected by those of his own house, his brothers, so are many in this hour being cast away. But I am gathering these stones to build My house, a house of prayer for the nations. Now understand My wisdom says the Lord, these stones the builders have rejected shall be the very shelter for those that have rejected them in the peril to come. I have ordained you for such an hour as this says the Lord. 


           As Joseph, your rejection will be their salvation. Rejoice! Leap for joy! For in like manner did they to the prophets that were before you! But as Joseph, My favor will exalt you to sit with kings and princes, and in the time of darkness upon the earth you will shine. You will be the stronghold of righteousness that the elder brother runs to, and you will be quick to open the door!


     This is the day of Haggai the prophet. No longer will My house lay in ruins, but I will hasten its building. A house of prayer for the nations you shall be called. A place of refuge for the poor, a welfare for the orphan, a place of healing for the sick, this will be the house that I will build says the Lord. I will suffer no other in this hour. My love will hasten its completion. For the children that faint for hunger at the top of every street, I will hasten it to come.


       The prophet that I will anoint will not seek the honor of men. No honor will they seek but the honor that comes from above. This will be their meat and drink in the hour to come. They will hunger for My presence more than flesh and blood, like the hart who longs for the brook, so their heart will burn within them, "Spare your people, O Lord, and give not Your heritage to reproach.    


          " These are the ones that My hand will be upon.


    The stones the builders have rejected, shall be the pillars in My temple in the days ahead. In them will be the Hope of the nations, the Hope of Glory Christ Jesus. Suffer it to be so now My child, let wisdom have her perfect work, and see the deliverance of your God in the hour to come. Gross darkness shall prevail upon the whole earth, but you will be a light and a hope.  And at the devil meant for evil, I have meant for good says the Lord of Hosts.

    O living stones! The enemy will not triumph over you! The horse and the rider has been cast into the sea! I Am with thee! I will never forsake thee! In the darkness you will see! I will be your eyes, a hand to guide you in the night! Fear not! I Am with you even to the end of the age, when the old will suddenly be changed, and you will see Me face to face! Know that that day is drawing nigh, when I will appear like a thief in the night, to take back what is Mine! It is time! Yes My child! It is time! To give everything to Me, take up your cross and follow Me! It is time.







                                                       MY ORDER

I am the God of order, and I am about to establish My order in the earth. I will even establish My order in this country, in government, in states, in cities, in churches, and in the home. I will even turn things up side down so that My order will prevail.

When I created the earth, I did it in order, and now in this time where there has been chaos and confusion, I will bring order. In seven days I brought order where there had been chaos, and I will do it again.

Did I not say to you that I have taken it all back? The earth, the people therein, and the fullness thereof. Now, things will be done My way, and in My time. Man left to his own devices will always create chaos.

I will sit down government officials. I will sit down heads of states. I will sit down heads of cities. I will sit down pastors and church leadership. I will sit down silly women laden with sin. And their works will bring them shame.

And I will raise up Kings and Priests in this time, those that know Me and know My ways, and I will be to them King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. These will serve Me in the government, in states, in cities, in churches, and homes, and they bring My order back into the earth.

I have hidden these away for this time, and they will not rule, but they will serve. They will not control, but they will bring liberty. They will not dominate or lord over that which belongs to Me.

Where My Spirit is there is liberty and freedom, but it is not so in this country. There is oppression, bondage, poverty, greed, and hypocrisy. It is in the government, in states, in cities, in churches, and in homes.

Have I not said to you that in this time the kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdoms of your God? Watch now as this transition begins, as I sit down, and I raise up. The likes of what I am about to do you have never seen before. I am going to turn everything upside down, so that I can bring My order and My Rule into this land.

Do you not hear the rumbling? I am coming down from My Holy Mountain, and I will bring My Ways, and My order again.

Isaiah 44: 6-11

6 Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God. 7 And who, as I, shall call, and shall declare it, and set it in order for me, since I appointed the ancient people? and the things that are coming, and shall come, let them show unto them. 8 Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any. 9 They that make a graven image are all of them vanity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed. 10 Who hath formed a god, or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing? 11 Behold, all his fellows shall be ashamed: and the workmen, they are of men: let them all be gathered together, let them stand up; yet they shall fear, and they shall be ashamed together.


 God's Vision For the City of Richmond  - June 2, 2003

A vision received from a member of Christ Presbyterian Church during the first night of their
3-day period of prayer and fasting during PrayRichmond
There were seven (a good number to seek God together) of us there to pray. As 
we moved into the prayer time I started to see a wall of fire around the city; 
one that started to move inward until it got to the middle. Every part of the 
city came under the fire; nothing was missed. Things were either consumed or 
purified. I felt I needed to pray about that picture for a while.  
I saw the Lord come and stand outside the city with His arms open to His side.  
Then slowly I saw who I knew to be Abraham, then Isaac and Jacob come and stand 
by the Lord. They were not super beings or larger than life; they were 
themselves. They opened their arms as the Lord did. Then the rest of the 
prophets of the Old Testament quickly started to appear and joined in the circle 
that was forming around Richmond. Then Jesus' disciples came. But they weren't 
enough to surround the city. So all of those who walked with Jesus began to 
join the others. They stepped between those already there so that there was no 
separation by group or deed; they all had equal power and importance in what was 
happening. Still it was not enough to complete the circle so all of the 
believers since the time Jesus died came. At some point there were enough to 
form a solid wall around the city, but they kept coming.
Finally, everyone who ever accepted Jesus was there. It was more than enough 
but it wasn't crowded. I got the sense that they had done this before. Then 
the Lord called the angels. They were the only ones who appeared bigger than 
life but they seemed to be there for back up. They filled in any gaps.  
     I saw things like I have never seen before. The host of people began to confusion...they knew where to go, who to touch and how to touch them.  
As they did battle they commanded that there be binding and loosing, opening and 
closing, loving and hating, breaking down and building up, and wounding and 
healing. This had to do with completing the work being done.
     They moved separately to do the work that needed to be done but they never were 
separated. Where the Lord went they went and where they went the Lord went, yet 
they were not together. They were doing battle, was no doubt about that.  They 
were not only about revealing the Lord to the hearts of the people of Richmond 
but they were here to defeat spiritual strongholds too. The battle was not 
violent but it was decisive. 
     Then I felt the Lord would have me get on my knees before the scene and as I did 
I began to hear the prayers of the people around me and as I heard a prayer I 
saw it being done. As the prayers about going into bars, corporations 
(businesses), churches, Masonic temples and other places were spoken I saw the 
heavenly host enter into those places.  Strongholds of slavery, ritual abuse, 
false religions, etc., where exposed for what they were; the power they once 
held was gone. 
 Then I began to hear all the host say, " We want this to happen more than you 
do". Over and over they said it. It wasn't loud but it was the most powerful 
thing I have ever heard. I knew in my heart it was their joy that I felt.  The 
fasting and praying going on around the city was ushering joy into the heavens.  
Finally it was over. The only one standing at the edge of the city was the 
Lord. This vision was as clear and real as the people sitting around me. I will never 
forget it or doubt from whom it came.