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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper


 Oh, if I could only make you understand that time is short, God Almighty is so sad to see the way we act.  He is coming soon and just as on the day that Noah was shut up by the hand of God in the ark, so we are marrying and giving in marriage, going to work and sending our children to school.  We are singing, acting and dancing.  Going our way to make the world know who we are when God Almighty has offered us a place of stature on His throne.  He mad sure we could become just as important to Him as His son, Jesus Christ.  Because we had no way to save ourselves, He sent His son to die for us.  Just think how much God loves us.  Those who have accepted His gift of power, joy, peace and everlasting life willing be sitting on the right side of the throne of God Almighty with Jesus The Christ.  The Bible says that we cannot imagine or fathom the wonderful things God has in store for us.  His gifts are abundantly above anything we can ask or think.                                                                                                                                    

So, if you care about your family and yourself, tell them about Jesus.  The prophecies of the Bible are true.  Everyone of them that were slated to come to pass has happened according to the wor of God.  In this time, the Bible prophesied that the end would come during the generation when Israel would become a nation again.  After 2000 years Israel became a nation again in 1948 and captured control of Jerusalem in 1967.  The baby boomers are that generation.  If you are between the ages of about 54 to 67, you are the generation.  A generation lasts between 50 and 70 years.  Baby boomers came about during and after World War II when fathers came back home from that war. It is the largest group of children born during any period.  We are so close to the time that Jesus will return, that all the horrors called the "last days" are already in progress.  The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the corruption in the government, the economics, just everything.          

Read Romans Chapter 10 verses 9 and 10 to know just what is your part in making God the Lord of your life.  You can't do anything anyway without Him.  He truly loves you very much.  If you can't read that just pray and ask God to forgive you for your sins, ask Him to cleanse you and make you whole.  Tell Him you will follow him and rely on Him for correction.  Ask Him to save you and make Him a son or a daughter.  And guess what, He will when you mean what you say. He is not going to make you do anything.  You willingly have to do this yourself.  It is such a simple thing to do that that most people miss it.  If you don't think you can stop sinning, ask Him to come into your life and He will do the changing.  If you could change yourself, there would be no reason for Jesus.


Love ya!  



From the Mountain Lyrics

The Stylistics

It was midnight on the mountain
It was stormy
It was cold inside the cave
I was hiding from the world and I was lonely
And afraid, and afraid

There was a thunder on the mountain
There was lighting from the angry skies above
Just as if the Lord was saying to the people
Where is love, where is love

From the mountain, from the mountain
He was asking "Where is love?
What has happened to my children?
Have they turned away from me?"

From the mountain, from the mountain
He was asking "Where is love?
Why is brother killing brother?
That was never meant to be
You have poisoned ev'ry river ev'ry tree
I see a land of hunger
Where once the earth was green"

It was morning on the mountain
He said "Now the time had come for us to part,
You must go down from the mountain
Tell the people, they broke my heart
You must go down from the mountain
Tell the people, they broke my heart "